[RECAP] Mark “Sumo” Sagato Memorial Show September 7th

This is Mike Draven with a recap of the Mark “Sumo” Sagato Memorial Show which took place on Saturday, September 7th 2013 at the Pineda Pappy Dome in Huntington Park, Ca. I do want to start off by apologizing for that this recap won’t be a thorough as I usually am due to the fact that this was a show I help put together & I help getting things ready plus I also took the role of Ring Announcer, so even though I have all the winners listed, how they won is a little foggy for me.

We kicked off with the National Anthem sung by Mark Sagato’s girlfriend Stephanie Hayslip who got the fans pumped up. Then we proceeded to have a pre-show match featuring JFury vs Ruben Igelsias.

Ruben Igelsias def JFury

Now at the official start of the show, we had the traditonal 10 bell salute to Mark Sagato with the entire roster surrounding the ring. Afterwards they all beat on the ring to get the crowd ready for the show.Sumo Memorial 1 9-7-13

6 pack Cruiserweight Challenge:
Leo Blaze def Vintage Dragon, Jacob Tarasso, Freddy Bravo, Seville the Thrill & Jarek 120 with a Swag Swing.

AWS Lighweight Championship:
The Human Tornado was accompanied by Cedric the Hitman & Terex in this match as the champion El Ridiculoso came out to a great crowd reaction. As they started to wrestle, Human Tornado grabs the mic & decided to use “FREEBIRD” rules (meaning anyone in his group can be subbed to be in the match) & he said Cedric would bring the title home.

El Ridiculoso def Cedric the Hitman by DQ when Terex interfered to retain the AWS Lightweight Championship.

Afterwards, all three guys beat down Ridiculoso until Biggie Biggz & Sexy Chino came to the rescue. Terex issued a challenge to all three for a match & I made it official it was a 6 man tag.

T.H.C. (Terex, Human Tornado & Cedric the Hitman) def El Ridiculoso & Bigg & Sexy (Biggie Biggz & Sexy Chino) when Terex hit his Moonsault finisher.

Mark Sagato Memorial Battle Royal:Sumo Memorial 2 9-7-13
Killa Gorilla outlasted everyone eliminating Sexy Chino last to win the Battle Royal & was presented the Sumo Cup by Mark Sagato’s daughter Aurora who both received a great ovation.

CWFH Heritage Tag Team Championship Elimination Match
(Once pinned, wrestler returned to the back but his partner stayed until he gets pinned)

“Pretty” Peter Avalon was the sole survivor defeating Jerome “LTP” Robinson with his Martini’s finisher to retain the CWFH tag team championships for PPRAY.

The Midnight Society (Kings of Suplex Blake Grayson, Angel Stone & The American Oni Durken w/Pris) def Team Hi Def (Steven Andrews & Drake Fortune) & Richie Slade w/Tab Jackson

AOW Championship:
Jacob “The Riot” Diez def Scorpio Sky to become the NEW AOW Champion

Fans brings the Weapons Match:
“The Human Horror Film” Supreme (w/Kato & Sage Supreme) def Willie Mack


This show was especially emotional for me due to the loss of Mark Sagato who was Sumo Memorial 6 9-7-13my best friend for 17 years. If you had the pleasure of meeting him, you knew what an amazing guy he was. If you didn’t have the chance to meet him, he was a great guy with a big heart. Mark along with myself attended many shows throughout the years like EWF, UPW, Rev Pro back in the day & eventually Mark made his way into the ring. Mark was currently on the AOW roster as Yutaro & was part of The Midnight Society where he was the faction’s muscle man. He then was part of the Brian Kendrick Wrestling Pro Wrestling promotion before his passing.

Mark was also my confidant as he would attend shows with me now that I am with Socaluncensored & he would talk to me about the matches & helped me with my matches of the night segment. As news broke out of the day of his passing, I was contacted by two indy stars: The American Oni Durken & Jacob Diez who because of Mark, I’ve become strong friends with & they both told me we need to do the show & asked if I was up to do it which I agreed in a heartbeat.

The show like any other indy show had its hiccups but overall I believe we had a very good show. We put on a show I know Mark would have enjoyed & it featured alot of the great Southern California talent representing many promotions like AOW, AWS, CWFH, IWL, EWF, APEX Pro to name a few. I’m very happy that promotions like AWS, AOW & CWFH allowed us to showcase 3 championship matches on this show as well.

From top to bottom, I enjoyed every match but others have asked me if I had to name my matches of the night, which ones would it be? These matches had the crowd hot & really into the show, these matches had some great chemistry, high spots, technical & entertaining. So with that being said, here’s are my picks:

6 pack challenge: Blaze vs Dragon vs Tarasso vs Jarek vs Seville vs Bravo

Triple Threat CWFH Tag titles match: PPRAY vs Rated 2g vs A Revolution

Midnight Society vs Team HD & Richie Slade

Scorpio Sky vs Jacob Diez

Even though I picked these at my matches of the night, I can’t help but to say THANK YOU to all the Southern California talent who donated their day & the bodies to entertain everyone in attendance this day. Thank you to referee’s Jay Stone & Theo Sumo Memorial 5 9-7-13Nowicki for being working in the ring, Thank You to Christian Rosenburg & JJ Young for doing the play by play, Thank you to Andy Durazo & Gary Yelp for video & photos, Thank You to all the family, friends & fans who attended the show but most of all…Thank you to Jacob Diez & The American Oni Durken for helping for making this show into a reality. Through death, we’ve become stronger & through this I know we’ve all became brothers.

For photos of this show: www.facebook.com/socaluncensored/photos_albums

So until next time…this is Mike Draven..signing off.


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