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NickHey Socaluncensored readers this is Lauren’s Lowdown and I’m here tonight with an interview with one half of probably one of the most popular tag teams ever, Nick Jackson!

Matt and Nick Jackson, also known as The Young Bucks, are a real life brother tag team hailing from Rancho Cucamonga California, although they’ve been technically tagging all their lives, they’ve been on the independent/professional circuit for about 9 years. A lot of people know them as Generation Me’s Max and Jeremy Buck but they’ve also spent a lot of time in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (where they won the DDT 4 Tag team tournament twice and held the titles for a considerable amount of time), They’ve had the pleasure of wrestling in Japan for Dragon Gate, AOW, AWS, Evolve, IWL and also CHIKARA Pro.

I’ve Recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Nick Jackson, the younger of the two brothers:

1. You and Matt are The Young Bucks, how did you guys come up with that name?

NJ: We actually we’re given that name by accident. Joey Chaos of XPW fame was booking us two on a show he was booking at the time and he didn’t know our wrestling names so he simply put The Young Bucks on the flyer. We’ve been using the name ever since.

2. Speaking of that name, now that you guys are getting older and families are being made etc. Have you guys ever considered a name change or are the young bucks a name you will be known by forever?

NJ: We’ve actually thought of this scenario and we think by the time we are old and gray we will just change are names to The Bucks.

3. You guys do a lot of flips and dangerous stunts… How did you guys learn to do these things and was there ever a time when you were afraid to do them?

NJ: My older sister was actually a gymnastics coach and she helped teach us some of the moves you see we do today. We only do moves now that we are comfortable with so usually I don’t get nervous anymore performing the crazy moves.

4. I know you’ve been asked this more times than can count but just for the SCU readers what got you into wrestling and who did you admire growing up?

NJ: I’ve always been a fan so I always knew I wanted to be a wrestler or a basketball player. I didn’t grow seven foot tall so I went with wrestling. Hulk Hogan is the reason why I got into wrestling and after meeting him and working with him I’m glad I got into the business of wrestling. I still admire him to this day.

5. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained from doing such things?

NJ: I’d say a few serious concussions. Anything serious to the head is pretty scary knowing the affects it may cause later on in life.

6. You guys have accomplished quite a lot in the wrestling business thus far, what is it that you guys hope to accomplish in the future?

NJ: Now the only accomplishments we want to have in wrestling is to feed our families. We don’t care about being on TV or any of that anymore. We care about just taking care of our families.

7. What would your current dream match be, it could be anything?

NJ: I think it’ll happen soon and that match is The Hardy Boys vs The Young Bucks. I’m not sure how great it would be but in my mind I’d love to see it happen.

8. What’s the worst match you’ve ever had?

NJ: Probably for WXW in Germany. Can’t remember who was in it but it was a triple threat match and I was on the road for a week and just flew to Germany I was so jet lagged and couldn’t move in the ring because of how exhausted I was. I remember botching spot after spot and was so embarrassed with my performance but now I could laugh about it.

9. What’s the worst neighborhood you guys have ever had to go to for a show?

NJ: Wow that’s hard to say. Every weekend I’m usually in a location where you don’t wanna call home.

10. Have you and Matt always been so close, other than the obvious family arguments that are bound to happen?

NJ: Yeah its crazy because we literally see each other all the time and travel together all the time and we never fight. I fight more with my wife than I do with Matt haha.

11. What would you say sets you and Matt apart from each other in the ring?

NJ: I do more of the flying while Matt does more of the heavy lifting. That’s probably the only difference in styles.

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

NJ: In ten years I see myself being a father and husband still providing while doing what I love most in life.

13. What’s the best thing a fan has done for you?

NJ: One time we we’re stranded in Philadelphia without a hotel room and a fan saw us still at the building we wrestled at and he invited us to stay with him at his hotel room.

12. If a Promotion came to you and said that they wanted you to create a title/belt for the company that everyone could fight for…which title would you create?

NJ: A trios tag tittle. Meaning 3 people on a tag. So every match for that belt would be under 6 man tag rules. Which is probably the most entertaining match you could watch on a show.

13. Honestly, are The Young Bucks real life heels or faces outside of the ring?

NJ: (Laughter) I think if you ask anyone that knows us personally they’d say we’re baby face for sure. But the Internet will tell you otherwise because of unfortunate stuff that has happened to us behind the scenes.

Now for a few fun questions

14. Favorite Food, Favorite color and favorite guilty pleasure?

NJ: It’s gotta be pizza for food. Favorite color without a doubt BLUE! Guilty pleasure would have to be laying out by the pool getting a tan haha!

15. Name three things you cannot live without?

NJ: My wife, family, and of course God.

16. Do you have any fears or phobias?

NJ: I’m scared of snakes for sure so that was a great example. But other than snakes I can’t really think of anything on the top of my head. Maybe death but who isn’t scared of that?

17. Lastly, what words do you have for any fans or admirers?

NJ: Thanks for supporting us because without the hardcore wrestling fans we would not be where we are today! Please keep supporting us at or at

I would like to thank Nick Jackson for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions and give us all some behind the scenes looks into the world of The Young Bucks. If you’d like to know more about him or follow him on twitter feel free to check out:

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