A recap of EWF in Covina July 5th

Shot Of The Night - EWF - 07-05-13

This Chaos Column is a recap of EWF at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina, July 5th 2013.  Another strong crowd on hand for this month’s EWF Covina show.

1 – Jacob Tarasso def. Freddy Bravo by submission
Tarasso picked on Freddy’s left knee through most of this match, and used it to lock in what looked like a Sideways Figure 4 Leglock, to put enough pressure on that left knee to force the tapout.

* Sugar Sweet’s “Sweet Spot” was next, and he brought out Killa Gorilla. Sugar Sweet’s attempt to make fun of Killa Gorilla by pulling out a couple packs of bananas ended up in Killa giving him a beatdown.

2 – Flag match between “Uptown” Andy Brown & Prince Raccid Mohammed Najjar (w/ Abu)
Good action right up to where Abu distracted Andy Brown. Turns out that when Andy Brown revealed Abu’s face…….IT WAS D.K. MURPHY! That was enough distraction for Raccid to grab the Lebanese flag for the win, and he smacked it right up the back of Andy’s head.

3 – Non-title match. Killa Gorilla p. EWF American Champion Sugar Sweet
Good action that ended with Killa Gorilla hitting a backbreaker on Sugar Sweet, then used his size advantage to get the pin.

* The arm wrestling challenge between Tommy Wilson & RingScoops.com webmaster & commentator Wade Needham was next. Obviously, Wade couldn’t wheel his way into the ring, but Wade did announce a replacement who could get into the ring…..Patient Zero. The two did position themselves for the arm wrestling challenge, but Zero’s “hesitation” led to a beatdown by Tommy.

4 – Patient Zero def. Tommy Wilson by countout
Tommy landed his signature moves on Zero, but just couldn’t put him away. Constant jabbering between Tommy & Wade led to Wade essentially distracting Tommy outside the ring, leading to the countout. 2nd time an out-of-the-ring distraction cost Tommy big time (anyone remembers United Forces 3?).

SM – Vintage Dragon (w/ Terra Calaway) p. Ryan Taylor
Great back-and-forth action, although VD hurt his left knee, and then got his head busted open late in the match. Still, he managed to land what looked like a Sunset Flip Neckbreaker to score the hard-fought pin.

Shot Of The Night - EWF - 07-05-13

Shot Of The Night – EWF – 07-05-13

M – Tornado Tag Team Match. The Experience (Scorpio Sky & Big Duke) def. EWF Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Mike Maze & Richie Slade (w/ Tab Jackson)
Good action on both sides, but when Tab attempted to thwart a title-belt bump by Scorpio Sky by taking the said title belt, Big Duke stopped her, threw her back into the ring, and Scorpio Sky….GAVE HER THE ACE OF SPADES! That was enough to effectively put Richie Slade out of action while he tended to Tab, and both Scorpio & Duke went on to unload on Mike. A big Backbreaker by Big Duke allowed Scorpio Sky to get the pin.

Scorpio Sky boasted about regaining the EWF Heavyweight title after the bell, then EWF Deputy Commissioner “Handsome” Johnny Starr came out, and announced that his title match with Mike Maze would be a “3 Stages of Hell” Match on 8/2 in Covina. Now I don’t exactly remember what the first match type would be–I believe it was announced as a “Streetfight”, but the 2nd fall would be “Falls Count Anywhere”, and the 3rd fall would be a “Ladder Match”. As for my choice for match of the night, I’ll give it to the VD/RT match because the crowd were most into it.

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