[RECAP] Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling July 6th in Huntington Park, Ca

This is Draven UnScripted & this is your full recap of Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling’s debut show at the Pappy Pineda Dome in Huntington park, ca.

Due to some audio issues at the start of the show, Mikey O’Shea came out & spoke out loud that OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhe didn’t need a mic or music to make his presence felt by the crowd & issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room which was answered by Su Nami.

Mikey O’Shea defeated Su Nami with a Chokeslam in this battle of the big men.

The Hobo came out & told ring announcer Dan Masters that this match is for the Hobo Championship.

The Hobo defeated “The Real Deal” JJ Steele with a Boxcar Preacher finisher to retain “The Hobo Championship”

Team Hi DF (Drake Fortune & Steve Andrews) defeated The Kings of Suplex (Blake Grayson & Angel Stone) with Andrews hitting a Spring Legged Moonsault on Grayson

“The Metal Head Monster” Sledge defeated Jacob Tarasso with a Spinning Side Slam (Blk hole slam)

This next match showcased three students from Brian Kendrick’s School

The Britts (Magnificent Matthew Albert, Big Buff Churchill & Saxon Huxley) defeated Sexy Chino, El Ridiculoso & Fan boy when Huxley hit a Shoulder Backbreaker on Chino for the win.

Afterwards even though in defeat, the crowd chanted for Chino to dance along with Fan Boy & OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARidiculoso

“The Real Man” Hector Canales defeated Cedric the Hitman with a Sitdown pin cradling the legs as we go into intermission.

Triple Threat match

Jimmy Mayhem defeated Spectre & Patient 0 (along with his nurse) when Mayhem hit a Swinging Side Slam on Spectre

Semi-Main Event

Ryan J. Morals defeated Che Cabrera with a roll up & a hand full of trunks OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Main Event for the WPW Heavyweight Championship

“Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan defeated Mr. Tanaka with That 70’s Superkick to retain the championship.

Afterwards, Joey Ryan grabbed the mic & told the crowd how he won the championship in a one night round robin tournament defeated guys like Brock Lesnar & The Rock which got a great laugh from the crowd. But he called Brian Kendrick to the ring as they both thanked everyone for attending the show & to keep a look out at Brian Kendrick’s WPWrestling will be having more shows.

This show was the debut show for Brian Kendrick as he showcased some of his students from his school & of course the talent of Southern California where the fans may or may not have had the opportunity to see. We got to see some of our favorites like Mikey O’Shea, El Ridiculoso, Che Cabrera & The Hobo but it also gave fans a chance to see MPW’s JJ Steele, Sledge & Jimmy Mayhem, Vendetta’s Su Nami, AOW’s Team Hi Def & Kings of Sulplex as well as EWF’s Patient 0 at this show not to mention that this was Joey Ryan’s first official match now that he’s no longer under contract fromOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA TNA.

But the show did start late & had mic issues for a couple of matches but overall the show was pretty decent. The attendance was OK & small but this show was put together & promoted under 2 weeks, so it wasn’t that bad but Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling is going to try to be a bi-weekly show at the Pappy Pineda Dome in Huntington Park, so if you missed this show don’t worry because you’ll have the chance to attend future shows. They did announced that July 20th will be the next show but already they’re saying that it probably won’t happen due to other promotions having shows that day & will be picking another date for the next show.

And at all show I attend, I do try to pick what I felt were the Match of the Night & this show had a few, so these matches will receive the honor:

The Hobo vs JJ Steele

Team Hi DF vs Kings of Suplex

Hector Canales vs Cedric the Hitman

Ryan Morals vs Che Cabrera

Hobo/Steele had a good crowd reaction & some good chemistry between the two MPW stars. Hobo being the fan favorite took everything from the brash & cocky JJ Steele but he never gave up. Overall, great match from these two competitors.

Team HD/KOS was another opportunity for LA fans to see the talent from the High Dessert’s AOW promotion. Some fans may have seen these two teams debut at MPW a few weeks ago & these two teams gave the fans a hard hitting, high flying matchup that left an impression on the fans in attendance & hope to see these guys return for more shows down the road.

Canales/Cedric was by far the most entertaining match of the evening with Canales being in total “Real Man” persona that fans are known to seeing Hector portray with his silly antics on Cedric. But when it got down to a wrestling match, these two told a great story, had some good chemistry & gave the fans a great match.

Morals/Cabrera was the battle a year in the making as these two grapplers were the top 2 rookies of 2012 in Southern California. Cabrera took the honors of being SoCalUncensored’s rookie of the year & Morals had something to prove. This match was a back & fourth matchup with some good chemistry & some classic wrestling. Morals got a lot of heat from the crowd as Cabrera was cheered by the fans. But Morals resorted to dirty tactics to get the win on Che Cabrera but this feud is far from over & hope to see these two continue to face each other again.

If you were in attendance, I hope you agreed to my choices but everyone on the show gave the fans an entertaining show. These guys busted their butts for our enjoyment to which I say “Thank You” once again for a fun evening a wrestling action.

If you would like to see more photos from this event visit: https://www.facebook.com/socaluncensored

So until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.