Interview with Mariah Moreno


Hey Socaluncensored readers this is Lauren’s Lowdown and I’m here tonight with an interview with one of Southern California’s most unique female Wrestlers Mariah Moreno A.K.A The BloodThirsty Vixen. I recently got the pleasure of going behind the scenes for a look at the lady looking to make a name for herself one match at a time.

1. Let’s start off simple, How’s your day been so far?

MM: My day is going very well, Thank you.

2. Do you find it difficult being a female wrestler seeing as there are much fewer female wrestlers than male wrestlers?

MM: We all know I’m not a biological female, but I will say from my experiences knowing and working with the ladies it is very difficult for them, there are very few ladies in the cali area and even fewer that are willing to actually wrestle like a wrestler is suppose to wrestle. as for me”a trans women in wrestling”, its even harder. I’ve been rejected as a wrestler from a few wrestling promotions because of it, since when did indy wrestling join the wwe/tna bandwagon with the whole “we don’t allow man on women violence policy”. I know I sound like a complainer right now, but I want everyone to know that it hurts. I live my life as a women everyday, therefore I’d like to be treated as one at all times.

3. What do you think sets you apart from all of the other female wrestlers out there?

MM: The fact that I’m a transgender women, I mean how many people can say I know a transgender person, not many. I’m a rare breed indeed,on top of that I can kick some serious butt.

4. What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

MM: I would have to say winning the Wild World Title, I felt recognition coming from all over the world, emails galore

5. What are the championships or awards you’re proud to have accomplished in your career?

MM: The one that I am the most proud of would be my “Student of the month award” from the santinobros wrestling academy. Getting that award meant the world to me because I was always giving my all during training. I would train two to three times a week and some times twice on on Saturday. I then knew my hard work was paying off and I was thousands of miles closer to my dream. Another one I’m proud of is the AWA Continental Championship, When I became champion at AWA I realized it was time to step up my game because I’ll be defending my title against some of the best male competitors around. And I’m sure we all know about my controversial WILD World Championship run, even though it was short lived I enjoyed being part of an all women roster. Other awards and titles I hold, NTW/NTLL Womens Championship, G&t Hardcore Championship, 2012 Luna Vachon Lunacy Cup Award,2010 Miss LuchaLords.

6. What has been your favorite match to date?

MM: That would have to be LCW’S DMT’S Collision when I took on Mickie Knuckles in a Los Angeles street fight at the historic Casa Del Mexicano.

7. What is your dream match, what is the one match you’d love to have happen?

MM: I’ve been thinking about this one for a few days now, but I’d love to compete for the Shimmer World title. I don’t care who is holding it because I know that the title holder is going to be a fierce bitch, Shimmer consist of nothing but fierce athletes.

8. Opposite, what has been your most difficult match to date?

MM: I’ve had several difficult matches but here’s what they all have in common. they all were triple threats I’ve had maybe like two good triple treat matches but most were a total cluster fuck!

9. You’ve obviously wrestled at a lot of different promotions throughout your career, which ones have been your favorite to wrestle for and which ones would you like to return to?

MM: I love working for CWFA,AWS,Knoxk Pro’s Experiance,G&T,LCW, oh geeeshhh my list can go on and on. a few of the ones I’d love to return to would be Hoodslam,DMT and Underground Pro Wrestling.

10. Speaking of promotions how many have you wrestled for to date and were any of these in any other state than California?

MM: I seriously couldn’t tell you how many due to loosing count but I’ve been lucky enough to wrestle all over the country

11. What has been the worst injury you’ve sustained wrestling so far?

MM: I would say a fractured tailbone, things just haven’t been the same since then. I cant sit for to long so when I’m on the road you know I’m feeling it.

12. What is it that got you into wrestling, what made you decide that this is what you wanted to do?

MM: The Ladies of wrestling, ladies like Lita, Jazz, Luna, Ivory, Molly. watching them every week over time made me want to kick some butt.

13. In case there are any fans wondering, where has The Blood Thirsty Vixen gotten her wrestling training at?

MM: I was trained at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy and do sessions everywhere I can.

14. If you had the opportunity to create your own championship for a promotion, what would that championship be?

MM: I would say an intergender title, not sure what company but it would be nice to see the ladies take on some of the men in some real pro wrestling action.

15. Do you have any funny/entertaining stories to share that may have happened during a show?

MM: Oh yes, I have plenty. But the one that sticks out the most would be when I ribbed Ray Rosas by hiding his EWF Championship Title, this took place the night AWS had that world record battle royal of 159 wrestlers in three rings. well some how BC Killer got a hold of Rays title and told him if he wanted it back he had to bring him not one,not two but three beers. Ray then came to me with a grin in his face. I then knew he was on to me. He told me the situation and guess what! I had a beer in my hand and he asked for it so he could give it to BC but I said no. he then offered to give me a kiss if I got him three beers. Poor guy was desperate that night, want to know what happened after that? well ask him hahahaha

16. Explain to all the aspiring female wrestlers out there, the fans wanting to wrestle how hard they may have to work to get to where you are.

MM: Well first and foremost its all about sacrificing and putting wrestling first, if you cant do either then you cant step in a ring. Doing what we do takes dedication, Pro wrestling is not glitz and glamor, it’s serious business, all our lives are on the line when we get in a ring. Anything can go wrong at any given moment and that’s all it takes to hurt some one really bad. So if your not going to train how a pro wrestler should then you should look for something else to do.

17. Do you have any advice for the fans, any general statements of thanks, or anything you’d like to say?

MM: yes, I’d love to thank everyone who has been supporting me threw out my career, I hope you continue to support me in all that I do. I promise to always give my all XOXO.

I would like to thank Mariah Moreno for taking the time out of her hectic schedule to answer my questions and give us all some insight into her thoughts. If you’d like to know more about her or follow her feel free to check out her twitter and facebook.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this interview or check out the site in general. Your appreciation is everything!