The 2nd Shift: By Scott Lost & Mr. Excitement

Do you want to know what Scott Lost and Mr. Excitement have been up to since their departure from Wrestling…

Think Bruce Lee meets Hulk Hogan meets Batman meets Indiana Jones vs. the Grudge & a Dinosaur! Or a super team coming of age story!

Welcome to The 2nd Shift Kickstarter project! Man, I can’t believe we’re finally here. This Kickstarter project is to print issue #1 of the creator owned comic, The 2nd Shift! This book has been in the works for awhile and to know that it’s COMPLETE and waiting to be printed is a huge deal to our team. We need your help to get this book out into the world and into your hands! Our goal of $2,200 to help pay for printing, the fees to run this kickstarter, and to pay our amazing colorist for all of his hard work.

If you were ever a fan of Scott Lost or Mr. Excitement, this would be the perfect time to show by backing his new career visit his kickstarter page and back him.