[RECAP] MPW “Slammin Saturday” in Simi Valley, Ca June 22nd 2013

This is Draven UnScripted with a full recap on MPW’s Slammin Saturday at the Boys & Girls club of Simi Valley on Saturday, June 22nd. Tonight’s show started off late due to some ring issues which gave the opportunity for more fans to come into the boys & girls club for the show. Onto the action, the first match we witness the debut of two new tag teams to MPW.

The Kings of Suplex (Blake Greyson & Angel Stone) defeated Team Hi Def (Steven Andrews & Drake Fortune) via a double team Codebreaker/front face driver on Fortune.

After the match, both teams received a good amount of applause & some standing ovation from the fans of Simi Valley.

Commissioner Dan Ferran comes out & wanted to address last month’s match when Frankie “Destruction” Dee faced Dr. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVandal Drummond & ask for Frankie Dee to come to the ring. Ferran stated after last month match, Dee isn’t medically cleared to wrestle this evening which led Drummond to come to ringside. Drummond mocked Dee & said he was faking his injury so he couldn’t wrestle this evening. Drummond & his associate then proceeded to attempt to attack Frankie Dee until a fan come out of the crowd to stop Drummond only to be on a receiving end of a DDT. Drummond not realizing who the fan was ended up getting personal with the fan’s father who is none other than The King of the Deathmatches Supreme. Drummond high tails it out of the ring & Supreme gets on the mic saying he messed with the wrong person & challenges Vandal Drummond to a match next month which Commissioner Dan Ferran grants.

Brett “Maybe Kid” Walters & Krusher Kodi Phipps (w/Steve Adkins)  defeat Global Assault (Jimmy Mayhem & Mr. Tanaka) when Adkins pulls Tanaka down off the apron which allowed Walters to school boy Mayhem for the 3 count.

Afterwards, an upset Jimmy Mayhem issues a challenge to Brett Walters for a singles match at next months show & show MPW that The Maybe Kid’s luck has run out.

First match in the Maximum Championship Tournament

The next match features the debut of Killa Gorilla to Millennium Pro Wrestling as he faces The Hobo.

The Hobo defeats Killa Gorilla via Count out to advance to the next round of the tournament.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Second Match of the Max Championship Tournament

Spectre defeated Jacob Tarasso with a Death Valley Driver to advance to the next round of the tournament.

Steve Adkins accompanies Manny the Mastodon to the ring but before his match, Adkins ask for the mic & calls out MPW Champion J.J. Steele to address what happened at last month’s show. The Definition of Pain Terex w/Lestor Talbot comes to the ring followed by Steele. Steele started talking about Adkins time in WWE’s developmental territory OVW & about their past. Adkins wanted to apologize to Steele & put the incident behind them & extended his hand in apology only to have J.J. Steele leave the ring in disguest & allowed Terex to get the jump on Manny the Mastodon.

Manny the Mastodon (w/Steve Adkins) defeated Terex (w/Lestor Talbot) via DQ when J.J. Steele interfered. Adkins tried to help Manny but Steele was ready to attack him only to have Adkins ready to fight back & Steele left the ring.

“The Real Man’s Champion” Hector Canales along with Mama Canales came out to the ring to talk to the fans. Canales talked about the past misdeeds & how badly he treated everyone including Mama. He then decided that he will do things right & presented Mama with the MPW Women’s championship & asked for forgiveness which she was happy to say yes. Hector Canales then said that he is dedicating his match tonight to Mama Canales.

After intermission, we were introduced to David Jackson who spoke about the Wrestling Cares show in Gardena, ca next week. He talked about the talent who is involved on the show including MPW’s Logan X & J.J. Steele as they’ll be in a special tag team match against EWF’s Fallen Empire (Mondo Vega & Ryan Taylor). Jackson also mentioned to the crowd that some of the proceeds from the WCA show next week will go to the Boys & Girls club of Simi valley.

Third match of the Max Championship Tournament

Tofer Cash defeated Jason “The Master” Flames with a school boy to advance to the next round of the tournament.

MPW Tag Team Championship

Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone w/US Mercenary) defeated 100 Proof (Whiskey Fist Macintosh & Josh Dunbar) Stone hit Macintosh with a flask & deliver a DDT for the win and retain the MPW Tag Team Championship.

After the match, the MPW locker room came out to show their love & respect to Whiskey Fist Macintosh as this was his final match. Whiskey was given the mic & talked about his 12 year career & thanked everyone in attendance for the love & support. Logan X then welcomed Whiskey  to the MPW Hall of Fame. A standing ovation was given to Whiskey as he hugged with friends & the thanked the fans around ringside.

MPW Championship

J.J. Steele defeated  Hector Canales (w/Mama Canales) when Steve Adkins try to save Canales by taking away a chair only see Canales thinking Adkins was going to hit him with the chair & this gave Steele the opportunity to hit a Piledriver on Hector Canales & retain the championship. As Hector Canales was being helped to the back, J.J. Steele & Steve Adkins stared each other down on the ramp.

With the issues with the ring, it pushed the start of the show back but once the ring was repaired, tonight’s MPW show was OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanother decent show. Plenty of hard fought matches and nothing but respect to those who competed tonight but I was able to decide who I would name my Match of the Night & these two matches I felt stood out the most:

Kings of Suplex vs Team Hi Def

J.J. Steele vs Hector Canales

Team Hi Def & K.O.S. are two teams who mainly compete out of the Alpha Omega promotion in Indio, Ca & with both teams making their debut in MPW, they gave the fans a very good match. This match was hard hitting, high flying, double teaming which kept the fans excited. After the match was over, both teams got a great reaction from the fans & some actually gave them a standing ovation in this match. I hope to see both teams become regulars on the MPW roster.

J.J. Steele vs Hector Canales match up was another strong match. Both men showed great ring work & good storytelling. Hector Canales got plenty of cheers while J.J. Steele got plenty of boos in this match. And with the involvement of Steve Adkins in the mix, it left fans wanting to know what will happen next between the two former friends.

Before I end my recap, I would like to thank Whiskey Fist Macintosh on a great wrestling career as we say goodbye to the 12 year veteran. Whiskey made the big announcement on this past Wednesday Y’all Like Wrestling/MPW Radio show where he co-host with Referee Jay Stone & tonight after his match, he talked about the reason why he is hanging up the boots. With the entire locker room surrounding the ring, Whiskey gave a heart felt speech, thanking everyone & leaving on a high note. Jay, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthank you for a wonderful career & we’ll miss you. Until next time, this is Mike Draven….signing off.