Recap of PWG’s Is Your Body Ready 06-15-13

Shot Of The Night - PWG - 06-15-13

This Chaos Column is a recap of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Is Your Body Ready?” at American Legion Post #308, Reseda June 15th 2013.

Another capacity crowd filled the legion hall to see Samuray Del Sol & Sami Callihan wrap up their indie bookings before heading to NXT.

Started at approx. 9:15pm PDT, ended at approx. 1:00am PDT

Excalibur’s Guests at the DVD Commentary Table: Referee Rick Knox, Kevin Steen, Sami Callihan, & Chuck Taylor

1 – The Unbreakable F’ing Machines (Michael Elgin & Brian Cage) def. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)

Fantastic opener that started off with the RockNES Monsters duo trying to get an early jump on their bigger opponents, but their attempts at a double vertical-suplex turned into a 1-min. double delayed vertical suplex by Elgin & Cage. Great back-and-forth action ended w/ Cage & Elgin hitting their signature moves, w/ Elgin finishing it off w/ his big finisher on Yuma for the pin.

2 – Kyle O’Reilly got a submission victory over Davey Richards

Personally, this was almost like their WCA match last April, without the draw. Fantastic clinic on technical wrestling, combined with some great exchange of moves. Kyle O’Reilly managed to roll out of the Ankle Lock attempt by Davey Richards, then got in some sweet set-up moves to roll it into an armbar submission to force the tapout.

3 – The Dojo Bros. (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) def. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor

Great mix of serious wrestling & comedy brought about by “Chuckie T”. Roddy & Eddie got the initiative late, with Eddie taking care of Chuck with the Top Rope Double-Stomp on the apron, allowing Roddy to hit the DBR Backbreaker on Gargano for the pin.

4 – Drake Younger p. Kevin Steen with the Backslide

A total brawlfest that saw both men do plenty of battling outside the ring. When Referee Rick Knox got knocked down late, however, PWG Champion Adam Cole rushed in, smacking the title belt upside Steen’s head. Drake managed to evade a similar move by Cole, hitting his finisher on Cole, then eventually got the Backslide cover for the pin.

SM – (After intermission) PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol

More fantastic tag team action from all four men, but it was the Brothers Jackson who got it going last, hitting “More Bang for Your Buck” to allow Matt to pin Samuray.

M – 60-minute Ironman Match between PWG Champion Adam Cole, & Sami Callihan (times are approximate)

* 10′, 11′, & 12′ – Adam Cole scored a rollup pin off a low blow behind the back of Referee Rick Knox, then did another rollup pin, then one more pin with the shoulderbreaker to the knee for a total of 3 points.

* 30′ – Sami Callihan got on the board with the Muffler submission, then a STF submission for 2 quick points.

* 32′ – Sami got in 2 quick sit-down covers for pinfalls.

* 38′ – Cole scored a pin with the Florida Keys.

* 44′ – Cole scored another pin with the Code Red or Canadian Destroyer.

* 49′ – Sami scored a pin with the Lariat.

* 57′ – Cole with a reversal pin, then refused to tapout in the final minute when Sami put him in submission holds, including the Muffler.

FINAL SCORE: Adam Cole wins 6-5 to retain the title.

Some of the wrestlers in the back hit the ring after Kevin Steen chased off Adam Cole. Kevin Steen mic’d it up, telling Sami to give his regards to Sami Zayn (El Generico) when he goes to NXT. Sami then gave some final words, and that was how the show ended. If I had to choose a match of the night, it would be the Ironman Match, but not by much, since the entire card was fantastic in my opinion.

Sami Callahan's Final Match in PWG

Shot Of The Night: PWG 06-15-2013

PWG will be having 3 shows in August. 8/9 is likely to be their 10th Anniversary Show, while 8/29 & 8/30 is likely to be the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament. Details should come later this month or in July.

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