[RECAP] AOW in Indio, Ca

This is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Alpha Omega show from Indio, Ca on Sunday, June 9th.

The Show kicks off AOW owner StepDaddy Roscoe coming out to greet & welcome the fans to another great AOW show. He also introduced his new assistant Squiggy to the crowd as well as introduced the AOW commentators. And now onto the action:

Ryan J Morals (w/Evan James & Blind Man Mike Chapman) defeated Spectre when Chapman distracted the ref & James hit Spectre with Chapman’s cane allowing Morals to get the win. Afterwards, all 3 men started to beat down Spectre until help arrived.

Jacob Tarasso defeated Evan James & El Hype in this triple threat lightweight match when James hit a cutter on El Hype but Tarasso lands a Knee Drop onto James & covers Hype for the win.

After this match, The Midnight Society (Angel Stone, Blake Greyson & Tyler Durken w/Pris) came out & viciously attacked El OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHype sending a message to the entire roster. Pris also debut the society’s newest bodyguard, the monster Yutaro who came in & was ready to join in on the beating of El Hype until AOW Champion Eric Watts came in for the save but to be also on the receiving end of a couple of big splashes from Yutaro. Stepdaddy Roscoe came in to break up the chaos & announced that the Midnight Society will defend the Tag Team championship against Team Hi Def & WWE Legend Gangrel & if any member of the society gets pinned, Team Hi Def becomes the new tag team champions.

AOW Women’s Championship

The new “Champion of Women” Dexter Milhouse comes to the ring & brags about how he used a loopall in the ruling of who he can face for a championship match & talked trash to former champion Tab Jackson. Afterwards, he challenged any female competitor in the back to face him & Andrea the Giant answer the call.

Andrea the Giant defeated Dexter Milhouse by countout but Milhouse still the AOW Champion of Women

After the match, Milhouse was ready to leave but Tab Jackson hit him with a low blow & allowing Andrea to beat him down. Andrea then took the championship thinking she won but Jackson snatched it from her which cause an heated argument between the two female stars & Milhouse was able to grab his championship & run.

AOW Commentator Christian Rosenberg came into the ring to conduct an interview with Chris Law & to talk about his best of 5 series with hometown hero Daryl Adams. Stepdaddy Roscoe grabbed the mic & said that Law cheated in Match 1 & in Match 2 the fans decided on the stipulation which was a Hardcore “I Quit” match.

Chris Law defeated Daryl Adams when Law handcuffed Adams to the bottom rope & repeated used a kendo stick but OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStepdaddy Roscoe threw in the towel & ordered the match to stop giving Law the win & lead the series 2-0. Adams was upset at Stepdaddy for throwing in the towel but Roscoe said he had to do it.

AIWF Premiere Championship

Challenger Rudy Luna came into the ring with cheers from the fans while champion Badd Blood received boos. He then proceeded to grab the mic & demanded the fans cheer for him or they’ll be no match. The fans still booed him but Blood got the jump on Luna in this match.

Badd Blood defeated Rudy Luna with a cutter to retain the AIWF Championship. Afterwards, Blood grabbed some chairs & tried to break the ankle of Luna with multiple shots. He then left with championship in hand & Luna was helped to the back.

Simon Lotto (w/Krystal Michelle) defeated Richie Slade & “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jager in a high flying triple threat matchup when Lotto hits a Frogsplash onto Slade after Slade successfully hit a Slice Bread on Jager. After this hard fought match, Jager leaves disappointed while Slade & Lotto shook hands in sportsmanship.

The Mixtape Kings made their way to the ring & was looking like the next match would be a tag team match but Jerome “LTP” Robinson had other ideas on his mind which led him to hit his now former partner Jacob Diez with a steel chair & started an match up between the now former MixTape Kings.

Jerome “LTP” Robinson defeated Jacob Diez when the ref was distracted by Badd Blood, allowing LTP to use a chair again on Diez & putting him in a Liontamer submission hold & Diez passed out. Afterwards, LTP & Badd Blood left together raising each other’s arms in victory.

AOW Tag Team Championship

The Midnight Society (Stone, Greyson, Durken w/Yutaro & Pris) defeated Team Hi Def (Andrews & Fortune) & WWE Legend Gangrel to retain the tag team championships when Greyson & Stone took out Drake Fortune & Yutaro getting involved by attacking Gangrel which led to all 3 members of The Society to do a triple team move on Steven Andrews & a triple cover for the 3 count. A very happy Pris celebrates with her team as Gangrel & Team Hi Def thanked the fans.

AOW Championship

Scorpio Sky defeated Eric Watts to become the New AOW Champion when Watts was distracted by The Midnight Society trying to get involved which gave Sky the opportunity to hit a Flying Knee & knocking out Watts for the win & the championship. Sky grabbed the mic & said he doesn’t know why the society came out but they want a piece of him, he’s not hard to find. Watts & Sky then showed respect to each other after the match.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was my first time in checking out Alpha Omega Wrestling & I must say I was very pleased with the event. Alpha Omega uses a lot of talent who you normally see wrestle in other promotions throughout Southern California, so I was familiar with majority of the roster. AOW drew a pretty good attendance for this show for being a promotion which runs its shows in the high desert area of So Cal & I was happy to see these matches take place. But this show provided a lot of solid matches & not taking away from all the hard work the entire roster put on for this show but it makes things difficult to choose a match to be named my Match of the Night but after some serious thinking, I decided on these two matches:

Evan James vs Jacob Tarasso vs El Hype

Jerome “LTP” Robinson vs Jacob Diez

In the triple threat match, it was a lightweight showdown between all three competitors. These guys had some great chemistry not to mention some high flying moments that made want to watch. Also I felt since this match had two heels & one face, it became very comical between James & Tarasso seeing who can out think who in this match which led for me naming this match a very entertaining match.

In the LTP vs Diez match, this match up was between two men who pretty much knows each other being that they’re a tag team or should I say a former tag team. This match had some solid ring work which told a great story, no matter how much punishment he inflicted on his opponent, Diez never gave up. And now you add a possible new partnership with AIWF Premier champ Badd Blood with LTP, this story is going in a new direction which will make you want to know what is next.

But I want to personally thank Alpha Omega Wrestling for having me over to see this show & another special thank you to AOW for asking me to conduct some post match interviews with some members of the roster for a possible DVD of this past show. This may be a sign that the fans may see Mike Draven as a back stage interviewer for upcoming DVD’s with AOW down the road & who knows where this may lead me & Socaluncensored.com, you might see me on other promotions DVD’s or possible TV..the sky’s the limit but once again I want to say Thank You to Alpha Omega Wrestling for that chance.

The next time you can see AOW Wrestling will be on Saturday, Auguest 3rd for AOW’s Valley Rumble back at Indio High School in Indio, Ca. So until next time, this is Mike Draven…signing off.