A Recap of MWE on 5/25/13

Hello socaluncensored, I’m Mike Draven & this is Draven UnScripted with a recap of the Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment’s benefit show which took place on Saturday, May 25th at the Rinks in Huntington Beach, Ca.

The show kicked off with an individual by the name of Anthony Rosas coming to the ring & wanting a proper intro not done by MWE ring announcer Angelo Trinadad but by someone who he feels can make an “IMPACT” of an intro, SoCal’s own & TNA commentator Todd Keneley. Keneley came into the ring & talked some trash to Angelo Trinadad before reading the prepared intro sheet given to him by Rosas. Then came out his opponent in a special attractions match for later in the evening, Scott Wilson who wanted to start fighting once he was in the ring but Rosas sporting a neck brace & with a “Doctors Note” claiming he can’t be hit above the belly button, he decided to make this match a Tag Team match & brought out his partner, one half of the Mach 1 tag team champions Josh Rozay. Wilson, who thought Rosas may pull a stunt like this said he too had a partner for tonight & brought out “The Hawaiian Warrior” Shane Roberts. All men stared & talked trash to each other before Rozay & Rosas exited the ring.MWE

And now onto the matches:

Mikey O’Shea defeated Cedric the Hitman with a Swinging SideSlam

Biggie Biggs defeated Eric Cross with a T-Party pin

Scorpio Sky defeated “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel when Sky went for a pin with his feet on the ropes while the ref wasn’t paying attention

After the match, Todd Keneley was shouting at Angelo Trinadad to say his name is Mason Andrews not Scorpio Sky

Prior to the start of this next tag team match, a dance group by the name of the Funky Phresh Krew came out to entertain the crowd with some dancing only to be interrupted by Kyle Webb saying no one came here to see this & told them to leave the ring. Then told Trinadad to make the announcement of himself & his partner Joey “The Bone” Barone.

El Ridiculoso & Tha Chef defeated Kyle Webb & Joey “The Bone” Barone when Tha Chef hit a Flapjack on Barone

Afterwards, Ridiculoso & Tha Chef called back the Funky Phresh Krew & had them perform their dance routine to the crowd

Once we returned from intermission, Shelly & Danielle Martinez came out to thank the fans for attending the show since this show is a benefit show & proceeds are going to CHOC. Heather Lynn decided to make her way out by saying that the people were not there to see The Martinez Girls but to see her man James Morgan win the Vacant MWE Championship. This lead to more trash talking between the ladies & eventually Shelly sending Heather to the back. But Shelly made her return & as a thank you to the fans, their was a prize giveaway & two lucky fans received a gift card & a copy of DDP’s Yoga.

John Doe defeated Angel Lopez with a Spear

“The Mega King” Tommy Wilson defeated “The Rebel with a Cause” Andrew Hellman when Ricky Mandel interfere in the match while the ref was distracted by Wilson who once Mandel did his damage, Tommy Wilson hit a Superkick for the 3 count. Afterwards both Mandel & Wilson double teamed on Hellman & laying him out. Then Mandel grab the mic to explain that Hellman cost him his match last month to Wilson & wanted to repay the favor. Thus announcing the formation of “The Mirror Image Mega Stars’ to Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment.

The next match is the Special Attractions Tag team match but before the competitors made their way out, Todd Keneley came into the ring & talked more trash to Angelo Trinadad until MWE Owner Pete Doyle came out. Doyle was upset at the fact that MWE Commissioner Christian Cole would allow Keneley to do what he was doing & ended up firing Cole. Just before Doyle was about ready to have Keneley thrown out, Trinadad hit Keneley with a spear & Doyle threw Keneley out of the building. During the match, Pete Doyle returned & said that the “Dr. Note” Rosas had was a fake & decided to make this match a No DQ Match

Special Attractions No DQ Tag Team Match

Scott Wilson & “The Hawaiian Warrior” Shane Roberts defeated Anthony Rosas & Josh Rozay when Wilson powerbomb Rosas through a table for the 3 count

Afterwards, Shane Roberts took the mic & said that he’s been out of wrestling for awhile but did this match as a favor for Wilson but even though he missed the feeling in the ring, Roberts removed his boots, placed them in the center of the ring & thanked MWE & the fans for one last match. The MWE Roster came out to show their respect to “The Hawaiian Warrior” as he made his way to the back.

Main Event for the Vacant MWE Heavyweight Championship

At the beginning of the month, then MWE Commissioner Christian Cole announced that then MWE Champion Brian Cage was injured & therefore stripped of the championship since he wouldn’t be able to defend it & thus consider the title vacant. Originally scheduled to be a #1 contender match, James Morgan & Famous B would now be competing for the Championship.

“The Main Event” James Morgan (w/Heather Lynn) defeated Famous B with a distraction from Heather Lynn & a CrossFace Chicken Wing to win the Vacant MWE ChampionshipOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This special evening of wrestling action was a benefit show for Childrens Hospital of Orange County “CHOC” & the proceeds would go to them. MWE had a great turnout for the event which I was happy to see since there were 2 other local shows going on this same time. But overall, MWE continues to improve with every show giving the fans something new & different with every show. As to my Match of the Night, I felt that these two matches deserve the nod:

Cedric the Hitman vs Mikey O’shea

James Morgan vs Famous B

In the Cedric/O’shea match, Cedric was the ring general in this match as we got to see him really show his technical wrestling in the match against the larger O’shea. No matter how strong O’shea was in this match, Cedric would continue to work over Mikey O’shea wearing him down until he couldn’t take it anymore. But Mikey O’shea persevere and showed that power can beat technical wrestling in this matchup…good chemistry between the two stars.

In the Morgan/Famous B match, this was a entertaining match with the fact that both men were the heels in the match & were pulling every dirty trick in the books to get over on the other which led to many funny moments in the match. But when they decided to wrestle, both men had good chemistry going back & fourth on one another, taking it to the outside & having a hard fought match. But in the end, dirty tricks payed off with Heather Lynn distracting Famous B allowing Morgan to put on his Crossface Chicken Wing & making Famous B go unconscious to get the win. Great showing by both men & hoping that this feud will continue on into the next show which is announced for Saturday, June 15th at Downey High School in Downey, Ca. So now the question is: Who will be next in line to challenge MWE Champion James Morgan? Will we see Famous B be involved in some way? Will MWE announce a new commissioner? Well you’ll have to attend the next show to find out, so until next time this is Mike Draven…signing off.