A Recap of Knokx Pro NoHo Food Truck Festival on 5/24/13

This is Mike Draven & this is Draven Unscripted with my recap of the Knokx Pro Experience show on Friday, May 24th 2013 logo

This was the NOHO Food Truck Festival where several food truck such as Vizzi Truck, Macho Nacho, Bibigo, Meet the Greek among others surrounded the area & with Knokx Pro joining them in the festivities. Prior to the show starting, patrons were entertained by Michael Wainwright, a local musician. Now onto the card:

Big Mac def The Rapture (w/Mr. Raymond Paulson)with a Front Powerslam

Afterwards, Paulson tried to talk to Rapture but all Rapture did was scream

Urban Empire Championship

Prior to the entrance of the champion, Cesar Black grabbed the mic & talked about how Primal is the best in Knokx Pro & will be bringing the championship to him.

Ricky the Activist def Primal (w/Cesar Black) with a Splash from the top rope

Parker Greaves (w/Cesar Black) def The European Cruiserweight Champion Pedro in a non title match with a Superkick

Jezette def Gabrielle “Chica” Cruz with a Clothesline

During intermission, Knokx Pro had their 50/50 drawing as well as a special guest to say some words to the crowd & it was non other than current WWE Star & son of WWE Legend Rikishi, Jimmy Uso.

La Cara (w/Mr. Raymond Paulson) def EyeZ in Disguise with a Leg Lariat

Before the entrance of their opponents, TMD grabbed the mic saying that he & maverick are the best team, better looking & better talkers in Knokx Pro.

Hillbilly Hero & “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu def TMD & Maverick (w/Kiara Dillon) with a TKO (by Fatu) & Fameasser (by Hillbilly hero) combo on Maverick.

Afterwards, Knokx Pro Trainers The Black Pearl & WWE Legends Rikishi & Gangrel came into the ring along with the entire roster of Knokx pro to thank the fans for attending & may see another show like this one in the future.

I have to say that this gathering of a Food Truck Festival & Wrestling was a success. There were plenty of fans there to enjoy a great show provided from Knokx Pro. I’ve heard of Knokx for some time now but haven’t had the chance to see them perform until now & I must say I was impressed. Having the chance to talk with The Black Pearl, who said that everyone who wrestled this day only had less than 3 years of wrestling experience & still provided an entertaining show. But yes like any show I attend, I have selected my Match of the Night & I actually have 2 matches that really impressed me the most:

Parker Greaves vs Pedro

Hillbilly Hero & Jacob Fatu vs TMD & Maverick

The Parker/Pedro matchup was a very good cruiserweight match with a lot of fast paced, high flying spots. Both men had a good chemistry between them which led for an entertaining match.

In the Tag Team Main Event, TMD & Maverick got plenty of heat from the crowd as Hillbilly Hero & Jacob Fatu got plenty of cheers. Both teams showed plenty of ground work, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtechnical & high flying spots that made the fans cheer regardless of who did it. I would like to see these men continue a feud with each other in upcoming shows.

I just want to thank again to everyone at Knokx Pro for making my 1st experience a memorable one. My son & niece enjoyed the show thinking Eyez In Disguise was the coolest wrestler they saw & had the chance to take a photo with him. But I’ll be looking forward to attending more Knokx Pro events in the future, if you haven’t had the chance to see them I recommend you do. If you would like to see photos from this event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.505779109489261.1073741840.187945887939253&type=3

So until next time, this is Mike Draven….signing off.