GQ Money heading to WWE

Coming off his Career vs. Career Match defeat, it appears that GQ Money is packing his bags and moving to Florida.

Well, it’s official.  Just updated my job status and new employer. Moving to Orlando next week!  For those wondering, no I wasn’t “signed” and you won’t see me on NXT, but I am working behind the scenes, and couldn’t be more excited.

In his time in Southern California, GQ Money sometimes know as Fabian Kaelin, Smiley, or Rixelplix, or just as Ryan, has worked as a manager, a promoter, a wrestler, and a radio show host. Most recently Rixelplix was the manager of the Voodoo Apocalypse (KaOs and Fern Owens) and the MAXIMUM Champion in MPW.

We at SoCalUNCENSORED wish Ryan all the best in this new career with the WWE