A Recap MPW’s Slammin Saturday Night 5/18/13

mpw_logo_ 05-19-13This is Mike Draven with Draven Unscripted & this is a recap of tonight’s MPW show in Simi Valley at the boys & girls club

The show starts off with Hellkid coming to ringside & wanted to pay tribute to a life long MPW fan who pass away a week ago. Hellkid placed his shirt on a chair & said that this chair will be at ringside until a mysterious wrestler came out only to get into a fight with The Hellkid.

The first match a was a special Lucha Libre matchup between The Jalapeno Kid vs Warrior with Jalapeno Kid defeating Warrior with a small package pin

The Hobo defeated Jacob Tarasso with The Box Car Preacher finisher in this comical matchup

Spectre vs Terex was the next matchup but before the start of the match, Lester Talbot introduced his newest member to his faction, Hudson Envy. With a sneak attack in the match by Envy, Terex defeated Spectre with a moonsault.

Global Assualt (Jimmy Mayhem & Mr. Tanaka w/ Max Ammo) defeated Tofer Cash & Mario “Money” Banks when Tanaka hit a cutter onto Cash. Afterwards, Cash gets into Bank’s face & complained about being tagged in after spending most of the match in the ring. Bank’s trying to smooth things over tries to calm Cash down only to be on the receiving end of a Cutter from Cash onto Banks & leaves the ring.

MPW Commissioner Dan Ferran announced that the next match, that a fan would put his hair on the line depending on who he voted would win. Frankie ” Destruction” Dee defeated Dr. Vandal Drummond with a Backbreaker/chin lock submission combo & unfortunately the fan lost his bet & during intermission had his hair cut by Frankie Dee but Drummond would later return to the ring to attack Dee but ended up running to the back.

Lethal Logan X made his way to the ring wearing a protective boot & apologise for not being able to compete tonight since JJ Steele decided to turn on his from the last show. But he made a special presentation to MPW’s Dan Ferran welcoming him to the MPW Hall of Fame. Farren thanked the fans & all the talent over MPW’s years.

“The Master” Jason Flames defeated El Delicioso with a ankle lock/chin lock submission hold to win his debut match. Major pop from the crowd this evening for Jason Flames with a lot of his students from his martial arts class were in attendance.

Lester Talbot & Hudson Envy return to the ring where Envy got on the mic & talked about she is most dominant women’s wrestler in So Cal. And she issued a warning to “The Real Men’s Champion” Hector Canales that she’s looking for him & the championship.

Ryan J. Morals defeated Kody Phipps with a Snapmare Driver

MPW Championship
J.J. Steele defeated “Maybe Kid” Brett Walters (w/Seth Skyfire) with a piledriver. Afterwards, Steele puts on a cloverleaf submission on Walters until Logan X comes out to fight with Steele only to be on the receiving end of a beat down from Steele. Steele also went after Skyfire until Skyfire couldn’t take it anymore & knocked him over the top rope to the floor.

Main Event: Career vs Career Anything Goes Match
Brawlin Bo Cooper defeated GQ Money with a Death Valley Driver through a table to win the match & end GQ Money’s 14 year career. Afterwards, Bo Cooper grabbed the mic & said that despite the recent months, he has respect for GQ Money. GQ Money then grabs the mic & talked about all the years they knew each other & he felt that this was the way to say goodbye as well as thanked Bo Cooper & the Fans. And just as the show was ending, Dan Ferran presented both GQ Money & Bo Cooper with plaques welcoming them into MPW’s Hall of Fame.

As for tonight’s show, the boys & girls club was full with fans who were ready for some MPW action but I felt that the show was ok at best. Coming from what i felt was a successful April show, tonight’s show was missing something. I give everyone who steps into the squared circle respect for doing what they love to do but tonight I don’t know if it was the matchups but something didn’t click tonight. I was entertained in the Hobo/Tarasso match with Tarasso providing comedy into his match & making me give him a shoulder rub. Jason Flames got such a great pop from the fans tonight & actually did a decent job in his debut match. But I did have a Match of the Night & it goes to:

Brawlin Bo Cooper vs GQ Money
With their rocky past & months of build up from past events & through social media, these two great So Cal Talent gave it their all. And with “Anything Goes”, we did see weapons like garbage cans, chairs, tables & thumbtacks get involved in this match. They brawled all over the boys & girls club which led them to the back table where MPW sets up its lighting & music only to see an explosion light up & both men dealing with the effects. Referee Jason McCord got taken out in the match & HOBO became the special guest referee coming out to stop GQ Money from running. But in the end, Bo Cooper put GQ Money through a table with a DVD to win the match & end the career of GQ Money. Both men showed respect to one another & being inducted into the MPW Hall of Fame ended the evening on a high note.

Before I go, I just want congratulate both Brawlin Bo Cooper & GQ Money on a great match tonight & wish Ryan “GQ Money” Katz the very best on the next chapter of his life..Thank You GQ Money for 14 years of memories. This is Mike Draven & this was Draven Unscripted..until next time.