Sami Callihan WWE bound?

WWERumors have been circulating for more than a few weeks that Sami Callihan was heading to the WWE. Those rumors have been addressed recently when Callihan had to call off a Big Japan Tournament as reported by Charles Schaeffer of PuroresuSpirit

It seems Sami Callihan was scheduled to compete in BJW later this month, but will not be able to since he “signed a contract with the WWE” (???????).

The rumors of Callihan surfaced a few weeks back with the story circulating is Davey Richards and Samuray Del Sol.  During the Wrestling Cares Association event, some speculation was that Callihan was signed and would not make the event, prior to the news about his father’s health cleared that rumor up.

Callihan competed for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Dragon Gate USA when they were out here.