Recap of EWF 17th Anniversary Show in Covina, Ca

logoThis is Draven Unscripted with a full recap of tonight’s EWF 17th anniversary show in Covina, Ca.

Commissioner Johnny Starr welcomed everyone to the show & showed a highlight package of the last show in Covina, Ca. Announcer Ben Thomas & Tab Jackson came out to the ring & also welcomed everyone to the show this evening.

Tarasso defeated Seville “The Thrill” Alvarez with a Snapmare Driver

Last Chance Match
Scorpio Sky defeated Ironman Mike Maze via DQ when Sky spit at Maze which made him beat down Sky & wouldn’t stop after the ref issued the 5 count. Afterwards, all the refs came out to stop Maze as Sky celebrated his win on the outside.

Mask vs Mask Match
Flecha Fugaz defeated Mexican Warrior via a Tarantula submission. After the match, as to the agreement, Mexican Warrior did unmask & gave it to Flecha. Flecha after celebrating shook hands in sportsmanship with Warrior & raised warrior’s arm for the fans.

EWF Tag Team Championship Fatal 4way Match
The Von Dooms (Cyanide & Vintage Dragon w/Terra Callaway) defeated La Familia (Rico Dynamite & Damian Arsenik), The Warriors (Eddie Randel & Ryan Kidd) & The Fallen Empire (Ryan Taylor & Mondo Vega) with a Face Forward Electric Chair with Cyanide splashing onto Rico Dynamite to retain the EWF Tag Team Championship.

EWF Championship Street Fight
Marty Elias defeated Brandon Gatson with the help of Brute Baretto, Raccid Najjar, Blake Greyson & Tommy Wilson to become the New EWF Champion. Afterwards, Elias started talking trash in the ring but ended up vacating his newly won championship to the New EWF Champion Bruto Baretto. Johnny Starr stopped Elias & said Baretto isn’t the champion & since Elias vacated the championship, Starr announced that the winner of the Great Goliath Battle Royal will be the New Champion.

Main Event
Great Goliath battle royal
Ironman Mike Maze eliminated Scorpio Sky & outlasting all other competitors to win the battle royal & be crowned the New EWF Champion

Well everyone, tonight’s EWF is in the books & the show was full tonight. The fans got into some of the matches but were quiet at times. But I was able to decided on who I would name my Match of the Night & I actually have two matches that stood out tonight:

Flecha Fugaz vs Mexican Warrior
These two luchadores have a strong rivalry for quite some time in EWF with each man owning victories over the other. But when they agreed that their masks are on the line, they really had a strong lucha match. They gave each other everything they had & in the end the better man won. And in lucha libre tradition, Warrior did unmask & gave it to Flecha but they did show each other respect to one another & gave the fans a great match.

Great Goliath Battle Royal
With the Elias vacating the championship, it made the battle royal very exciting. Seeing the EWF roster & other talent from around California competing in the battle royal made for some interesting pairings & who will try to eliminate who. But in the end it came to Scorpio Sky & Ironman Mike Maze and from their earlier encounter, Maze had a score to settle. These two had many opportunities to eliminate each other but in the end, Scorpio Sky tried to connect a high knee which resulted in Mike Maze catching Sky & slingshotting him over the top to win the Championship.

Those are my picks of the night & if you were in attendance, i hope you enjoyed the show. Don’t forget that tonight in San Bernardino with be Part 2 of the 17th Anniversary celebration for EWF. EWF will return to Covina on Friday June 7th. So until next time, this is Mike Draven with Draven Unscripted Column..signing off.