Hello everybody, after a bit without a contribution I would like to share my experience at the Luchamania USA event this past Saturday January the 26th, 2013.

So at around 3:15 P.M. my boy Ruben Torres stopped by to pick yours truly up at my home, from there we went to pick Dj Beto Perez up and off we were to LA!
We arrived at exactly 7:00 P.M. and I want to state that I was surprised and happy at the same time to see that the turnout wasn’t going to be a disappointment, long lines all around, to enter the premisses as well as in the box office so that was already a good start.

Considering the venue is huge this was a great turnout with a crowd that was really into the show from beginning to end, nonstop chants, boo’s and yeah’s and just about really enjoying being there!

Moving to the 1st match it was a random opener with local guys and a TJ element that I would reserve to comment on just out of respect .

Next up was Mortiz, Profeta and Negro Navarro VS Piloto Suicida, Brazo de Oro and Solar, this was Negro Navarro and Solar’s turn to deliver a clinic of on the mat grappling or what we like to call “Lucha Clasica” for a good chunk of the match, after this, the tags were made and all of the elements delivered as it was expected, honestly I don’t remember how the end came about but that was the least of the concerns, the crowd chanted “this is lucha” and threw a great deal of bills to the ring in recognition of such an excellent encounter.

We can totally forget about the next segment which was a very nice lady impersonating a Mexican singer.

After this we had Hijo de Rey Misterio, Mascara Sagrada and Espiritu (I could be mistaken about this guys ring name) VS L.A. F’ers, this was a quick solid match with Misterio being over the whole match capturing all of the crowd’s embrace!

Semi-Main Event was all CMLL stars, Volador Jr, Blue Panther and Ultimo Guerrero defeated Brazo de Plata “Super Porky”, La Máscara and Atlantis when Guerrero delivered a low blow to Atlantis when the ref was “distracted”. Great match that lit the crowd to a boiling point that lead to the main event of the evening.

Hijo del Santo, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and L.A. ParK defeated Dr. Wagner Jr, Blue Demon Jr. and Cien Caras Jr. when the ref reversed a pinfall from Wagner on Park after a low blow that was followed by Wagner unmasking ParK for the pin.
Great solid match where all six elements delivered as they should unlike some other Tijuana shows for example in which the wrestlers show just to get paid and don’t even participate in the matches.

The good:
Good crowd and attendance as well as the wrestlers 5 star performance!

The bad:
The pre-intermision impersonation, really this had nothing to do with the show and was the sole moment in which the crowd really started begging for it to end.

The ugly:
That like everything else the event had to come to an end! If anything needs to fall into this category.

Hopefully Mr. Román and Co. do this more often, until next time!