EWF at the Knights of Columbs Recap June 1st

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of EWF at the Knights of Columbus Hall, Covina June 1st 2012.  Another strong crowd on hand for this month’s EWF show in Covina that saw the winds of change come. Before the matches got underway, they showed the video footage of Stryder attacking Liger Rivera, that reportedly resulted in a severe concussion for Liger.

1 – Roger Ruiz (w/ Jeremy Jaeger) p. Stryder w/ the 2nd Ace Crusher, w/ a pair of Sharpshooters before & after the finisher for the pin. Roger was obviously infuriated by the unprovoked attack on Liger. What was intriguing was Chowder apparently trying to help Stryder, but got ran off by Jeremy Jaeger.

2 – Sugar Sweet p. Ricky Slade w/ a High Cross/Razor Cut hold into a backbreaker to the knees. Sugar Sweet was constantly heckled by the fans after his recent loss to Red Thunder.

3 – Streetfight. A video was played that showed Tommy Wilson cutting a promo for SoCal Crazy. Well, “The MegaKing” was out somewhere in Hawaii w/ his queen, but did find a suitable substitute for his SCP rival…in Brandon Gatson. Gatson went on pin SoCal Crazy w/ his Stunner…I call it the “Have A Gattitude” Stunner.

*** Before intermission, EWF Promoter Jesse Hernandez, Commissioner Frank Mott, & Deputy Commissioner Marty Elias hit the ring. It was later announced that Johnny Starr was suffering from a neck injury that was rendering him barely able to move. As a result, Johnny Starr vacated the EWF Heavyweight title. Joey Ryan, Mike Maze, & Brandon Gatson hit the ring later on, and Marty Elias eventually set up the big title match for the 7/6 “United Forces 4” show. ***

4 – After intermission, Killa Gorilla (w/ Christian Cole) p. Red Thunder w/ an Inverted Curb Stomp (or a “Gorilla Stomp”) after a Samoan Drop. Sugar Sweet’s distraction proved to be enough to determine the outcome, and boy did he cut something…sweet(?)…for the 7/6 show.

SM – La Familia (Rico Dynamite & Damien Arsenick) def. The Von Dooms (Vintage Dragon & Cyanide) when Rico Dynamite p. Cyanide w/ a Victory Roll, combining it w/ Damien’s intervention from the outside to thwart a team finisher attempt by the Von Dooms.

M – Mike Maze p. Joey Ryan w/ a German Suplex. The fans that were left for this main event threw plenty of heat at Joey Ryan, especially after his setback on the TNA Gut Check segment last Thursday night in Orlando. Brandon Gatson later snuck in to hit his Stunner on both men, closing the show.

Gatson over Maze and Ryan after a pair of Stunners

So, on the 7/6 EWF/AWS Promotions “United Forces 4” show in Covina, Brandon Gatson, Joey Ryan, & Mike Maze will battle it out in a Triple Threat Match for the vacant EWF Heavyweight Championship. Also, Sugar Sweet will battle Red Thunder……in a Mask v. Dress match; in which Red Thunder’s mask will be on the line, and his victory will mean Sugar Sweet will have to wear a dress. All this plus AWS Promotions matches, including a ladies match that is scheduled to feature MsChif.

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