PWG: Death to All but Metal Recap May 25th

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of PWG “Death to All But Metal” from the American Legion Post #308, Reseda May 25th 2012.  A large crowd was on hand for this Friday Night show to kick off Memorial Day Weekend, and everyone had to brave the Friday Rush Hour traffic to get there. The trip was worth it, as there were some big matches that got the crowd buzzing. Before the show, as Excalibur did his introductory stuff on the mic, him tossing the PWG World Tag Team titles into the ring was an indicator that Kevin Steen & Super Dragon had to vacate the titles, since Super Dragon’s injury suffered prior to the 3/17 “World’s Finest” show was reportedly more severe than first thought. Therefore, the advertised Young Bucks v. Super Smash Bros. match turned into a No-DQ match for the vacated tag team titles. Concussion or not, Kevin Steen (who reportedly suffered a concussion recently) did defend his PWG World Heavyweight title.

7 matches, approx. 3 hours

Referees: Rick Knox & Justin Borden

Excalibur’s Commentary Guests: Kevin Steen, Rick Knox, & Joey Ryan

1 – B-Boy p. Famous B w/ what looked like an Island Driver. Strong opener that saw both men do some modified combination moves.

2 – T.J. Perkins p. Ryan Taylor w/ a countering facebreaker from the top rope, then followed it w/ the 450 Splash. Very solid match from the two that have quite the history w/ each other.

3 – Kevin Steen successfully defended the PWG World Heavyweight Championship, pinning Brian Cage-Taylor w/ a countering Crucifix after eating the big Lariat/Clothesline. Both men really went at it in what was one of the top matches on the card, and as it was, Brian Cage-Taylor was really put over, as he was really “A F’n Machine!”.

4 – No-DQ match for the vacant PWG World Tag Team Championship. Total brawlfest between The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and this year’s DDT4 Winners, The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) that saw plenty of high spots. Plenty of chairs and one table was used in this match, and it was no surprise that Matt Jackson stopped a 3-count from Referee Rick Knox, then superkicked him. Referee Justin Borden went in to do the 3-count after The Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck, but Rick Knox recovered to stop that one. Given his history w/ the Bucks, it was no surprise, that Rick Knox got some payback, and that opened the door for the SSB to hit their Fatality on Nick Jackson, w/ Stupefied scoring the pin to cap the match of the night. NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: THE SUPER SMASH BROS.

Stupified with the PWG Tag Team Belt

5 – After intermission, Candice LeRae & The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime) def. Joey Ryan, Ray (Rrrrrrrrrrr)Rosas, & Peter Avalon when Johnny Yuma p. Ray Rosas w/ a RockNES Monsters team move. Plenty of comedy in this one, and Joey Ryan had cut a promo about his appearance for TNA Gut Check, as everyone who watched Impact Wrestling the previous night saw. Not surprisingly, the crowd was still recovering from the previous match, so they didn’t quite have the energy.

SM – Willie Mack p. Michael Elgin w/ the piledriver. Great action between the two big men, complete w/ both men executing some great counters, especially Michael Elgin executing a Schoolboy Cover into a powerlift for a sit-down powerbomb. Maybe Willie Mack is ROH material after this huge win. We’ll see.

M – Grudge match. El Generico p. Ricochet w/ the Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster. Another great match that went back-and-forth throughout. In the end, it seemed as if the duo settled their differences that rifted from last year, as the two of them shook hands to cap off the show.

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