Vendetta Pro presents Melee 2012, May 11th

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vendetta Pro Wrestling
“MELEE 2012”
Lakeview Jr. High School
3700 Orcutt Rd
Santa Maria, California 93455
Doors open 6:30pm
Bell time 7:30pm


Vendetta Pro Wrestling returns to the Gymnasium at Lakeview Jr. High School with an incredible lineup, featuring FOUR former WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling superstars, as well as all your Vendetta Pro Wrestling favorites!
“The Rock of Love” Billy Blade will take on the enigmatic Matt Hardy!
“Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury will have his chance to show the world that he truly is not just a star, but THE star of Vendetta Pro. However, to do it, he must face “The Dominator” Bobby Lashley, who will make his return to the professional wrestling ring!
Two more former WWE & TNA Superstars will be in action, as Shawn Daivari will take on the exciting SoCal Crazy, and Gangrel the Vampire Warrior will be in action!
Famous B will defend the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship against B-Boy and “Nightclaw” Brian Cage! Dos Perfectos will defend the Unified Tag titles against SU/KA! The controversial Canadian Shannon Ballard will defend the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship against Hijo de Rey Misterio!


All this, and so much more! This is hard-hitting, high-flying and exciting professional wrestling action!
This Is Vendetta Pro!

Mixed Tag-Team Match

The team of:
Brawlin’ Bo Cooper, J.D. Horror & Sledge
Crystal Michelle
Parental Discretion
Mario Banks, Mike Menace & Sam Knight
“The Sin City Siren”
Terra Calaway

Terra Calaway makes her return to Vendetta Pro Wrestling, joining up with Parental Discretion as they take on Creepshow, who will be joined by debuting Vendetta Vixen Crystal Michelle. The feud between Parental Discretion and Creepshow has been personal and extremely violent. Will the addition of the Vendetta Vixens into this conflict affect things?


Tri-Force Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship

“The New Age Punisher”
Brian Cage
Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Champion
Famous B.

Famous B has always been known as one of the most exciting superstars ever to compete in Vendetta Pro Wrestling, but since successfully defending his Tri-Force Championship on back-to-back nights in Ridgecrest and Las Vegas, he has proven himself to be one of the most durable as well.
B-Boy remembers well the night Famous B won the Tri-Force title, as he was the one pinned. Now, he looks for retribution as he has another shot at the Tri-Force title.
Speaking of which, Brian Cage makes his return to Vendetta Pro Wrestling. In his last appearance, he was a finalist in the tournament to crown the first-ever Tri-Force Champion. Now, he’s looking to claim the title that he was so close to previously capturing.

All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championship

Sunami & Kadin Anthony
Unified Tag-Team Champions
Dos Perfectos
Greg Hernandez ‘y’ Jesse Jimenez

For over a year, the team known as Dos Perfectos have been undefeated. In that time, they became the first-ever recognized Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tag-Team Champions, and have also had their title reign recognized by All Pro Wrestling. Dos Perfectos have defended their titles both in Northern California and on the Central Coast, defeating teams all over the state.
However, the last time they were defeated, they lost to SU/KA. In the same venue, no less.
It’s been an unusual year for the team of SU/KA. For Kadin Anthony, he had to take some time off to recharge and recover. During that period, Sunami managed to capture Championship gold, winning the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and having the admiration of almost the entire Vendetta Pro roster. However, he lost the title in what has been the most controversial title change in Vendetta Pro Wrestling to-date. When the chips were down, nobody was there for him. Nobody, except for his SU/KA brother–Kadin Anthony. Because of this, Sunami traded his Heavyweight title rematch for him and Kadin to get a shot at the Unified Tag-Team titles.
Now, the epic conflict between Dos Perfectos and SU/KA continues. Will Dos Perfectos once again leave as Champions and maintain their undefeated run, or will it be the team that knows them best, the last team to have beaten them–SU/KA–to be the ones to end their reign as Unified Tag-Team Champions?


Singles Match
SoCal Crazy
Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Shawn Daivari

SoCal Crazy returns to Vendetta Pro Wrestling, bringing his exciting Lucha Libre style into the ring against Shawn Daivari.
Daivari is a former TNA X-Division Champion (known as Sheik Abdul Bashir), who should be very capable of keeping up with SoCal Crazy.
Expect this one to exciting!

Singles Match
“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade

Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Matt Hardy

At Shamrock Slam, Shannon Ballard and The Midnight Delight were told by Interim Commissioner Joseph Duncan that actions would be taken against them. Some of them have been administrative and financial, while others have taken place in the ring.
For Billy Blade, he would be ordered into a match against one of the most accomplished wrestling superstars in recent times, Matt Hardy. This match will take place at Melee 2012!
For the fans, this match should be a treat. However, Billy Blade does have a chance to spoil it by winning the match. To do it, he must beat Matt–a multiple-time World Tag-Team Champion as one-half of the famous Hardy Boyz, and a singles World Champion in two different weight classes.

Singles Match

“Wrestling Personified”
Rik Luxury
w/ Markus Mac
Former WWE & TNA Superstar
Shark Fights MMA Heavyweight Champion

“The Dominator”
Bobby Lashley

At Shamrock Slam, Rik Luxury lost the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force title when Famous B pinned B-Boy. Infuriated that he lost although he wasn’t pinned or forced to submit, his “Manager of the Century” Markus Mac called Interim Commissioner Joseph Duncan into the ring. Mac and Luxury stated that they are stars, and they are tired of being screwed around with, and that if the Interim Commissioner didn’t “fix this”, that they were leaving Vendetta Pro.
Duncan, stating that he didn’t want to lose a talent as “great” as Luxury (or the “Manager of the Century”, for that matter), said that Mac and Luxury had done him a favor. He had a incoming superstar who needed an opponent and that Luxury needed to work with a star. That was when Duncan revealed that Luxury’s opponent would be…
Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and reigning Shark Fights MMA Heavyweight Champion, “The Dominator” Bobby Lashley!
Markus Mac and Rik Luxury were infuriated by the announcement, as this will probably be the toughest match of Luxury’s career to-date. Duncan later stated that he needs to take Vendetta Pro Wrestling to the next level, and needs a star like Luxury to lead the way. Lashley’s return to professional wrestling is already making headlines, so just imagine the headlines if Rik Luxury can defeat “The Dominator”!


Main Event
Singles Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Hijo de Rey Misterio
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion
Shannon Ballard

While Shannon Ballard is a proud Canadian who looks down upon the United States, the fact is that Santa Maria has been a good city to him. He’s previously defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain his title. He then won the Championship back from Sunami there after previously losing it to him. All-in-all, Ballard has been very successful in Santa Maria and has always been featured at or near the top of the card.
Hijo de Rey Misterio’s last Vendetta Pro appearance was in Santa Maria, bringing his unorthodox style in to get a victory over SoCal Crazy. Misterio’s accomplishments internationally have earned him a shot at Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s top prize. But can he overcome the crafty, controversial Canadian?
Expect an international incident at Melee 2012!


Also Scheduled to Appear:

Former ECW, WWE & TNA Superstar

The Vampire Warrior

Ricky Ruffin

“The Rebel Rouser”
Clay Tawzer

Judah Matthew

The Drunken Irishman



Mucha Lucha
Tenchismo ‘y’ Fernando Estrella







Friday, May 11, 2012
Vendetta Pro Wrestling
“Melee 2012”
Lakeview Jr. High School
3700 Orcutt Rd
Santa Maria, California 93455
Doors open 6:30pm
Bell time 7:30pm

Presale tickets:
$15 Ringside
$10 General Admission

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$20 Ringside
$15 General Admission

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