Pro Wrestling Vendetta’s April Cruels Day 2012

Desert Empire Fairgrounds
520 S Richmond Rd
Ridgecrest, California 93555
Doors open 1:30pm
Bell time 2:00pm

Vendetta Pro Wrestling makes it’s debut in Ridgecrest, California as part of the Family Fun Days at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, and we’re bringing all the hard-hitting, high-flying and exciting professional wrestling action that Vendetta Pro has become known for throughout Southern and Central California.
We will find out who is “tough enough”, as two contestants from the WWE Tough Enough television program on USA Network will square off–no running from dogs, riding on roller skates or climbing obstacles involved. Instead, we’re featuring what these two men do best, and that’s wrestle.
Also, Vendetta Pro will bring Championship Wrestling to Ridgecrest, as the Vendetta Pro Wrestling title will be on the line as Shannon Ballard makes his first defense since regaining the title in the most controversial of fashions. Famous B will make his first defense of the Vendetta Pro Tri-Force title, and Dos Perfectos will once again defend the APW/Vendetta Pro Unified Tag titles.

Singles Match
Flex Owens

Flex Owens will descend from Cloud Nine down to Ridgecrest to make his Vendetta Pro debut against former Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champ Sunami.
This will be Sunami’s first appearance since dropping the title back to Shannon Ballard. No doubt, he’s going to be looking to regain some momentum as he prepares to surge back to the Heavyweight Championship in the future.

Tri-Force Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Championship

Ray Rosas
“Wrestling Personified”

Rik Luxury
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Tri-Force Champion

Famous B.

The always high-flying Famous B made his triumphant return to Vendetta Pro Wrestling at Shamrock Slam, and as promised, he showed up and showed out as he left with the Tri-Force Championship.
Rik Luxury, the now former Champion, has his chance to regain the title that he feels he never lost. True, he was not pinned or force to submit personally, and for that reason, he was granted an immediate shot to regain the title.
Also added to the mix, the returning Ray Rosas, who is looking not only to play spoiler to Luxury, but also make Famous B’s reign as Champion a short one.

All Pro Wrestling / Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Unified Tag-Team Championship

J.D. Horror & Sledge
Unified Tag-Team Champions

Dos Perfectos
Greg Hernandez ‘y’ Jesse Jimenez

Dos Perfectos comes into April Cruels Day, against all odds, still the Unified Tag Champions. It’s been over a year since the last time a team has been able to get a win over them. Yes, many of those matches have ended in controversial fashion, but by hook or by crook, Dos Perfectos manages to live up to their names and retain their titles. But, all it takes is one slip up, and the titles can be gone.
J.D. Horror and Sledge are looking to cause that slip up. They know each other as tag partners about as well as Hernandez and Jimenez do, and have battled some of the toughest competition both in and out of Vendetta Pro Wrestling. Now, Creepshow is looking to make history by becoming the first team ever to beat Dos Perfectos for the Tag-Team titles.

Singles Match
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Austin Draven
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
Shannon Ballard

At Shamrock Slam, Shannon Ballard made history by becoming the first man ever to hold the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title twice. The way he did it is what is troubling, as his identical twin brother Shane Ballard slipped in to steal the match and the title. Now, Ballard is taking on Austin Draven, a man he helped to train. Vendetta Pro officials have decided that because of how he won the title, that they would force him to put the title on the line immediately.
For Draven, this is quite an opportunity, as before he goes to WWE, he’s getting a shot as his teacher and the title which he holds.

Main Event
Who’s Tough Enough?

WWE Tough Enough Contestant
A.J. Kirsch
WWE Tough Enough Contestant
“Big Nasty”
Eric Watts

These two men know each other very well. Each were competing for a chance at WWE stardom on USA Network’s television program Tough Enough. Now, we will find out which one of these two are indeed “tough enough”.
A.J. Kirsch made his triumphant return to Vendetta Pro Wrestling at Shamrock Slam, defeating former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champ Joey kAos. Now, he’s looking to get past his former Tough Enough opponent and take one more step towards the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title.
As for Watts, his last appearance was back at Terror Rising, where he teamed up with David Hart Smith and Chavo Guerrero to defeat the Midnight Delight and Shannon Ballard. Now, he’s going up against the former APW Tag-Team Champion, in hopes that with a win, he will take another step towards a shot at the Heavyweight Championship.

Also Scheduled to Appear:

Parental Discretion

Mike Menace, Sam Knight
& Mario Banks

Judah Matthew

Ricky Ruffin

“The Rebel Rouser”
Clay Tawzer

The Drunken Irishman

Mucha Lucha
Tenchismo ‘y’ Fernando Estrella

“The Rock of Love”
Billy Blade


Sunday, April 15, 2012
Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Desert Empire Fairgrounds
520 S Richmond Rd
Ridgecrest, California 93555
Doors open 1:30pm
Bell time 2:00pm


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