Apex Pro Presents “Year One” Apr 29th

Apex Pro: Year One
Sunday, April 29th 2012 • 5:30pm
7962 Salt Lake Ave., Huntington Park
Tickets $10, Children $3

Apex Pro has been born! Please help us in celebrating some amazing talent the indy scene has to offer. We are here to provide an amazing wrestling show, but even more, an amazing experience for the entire family! Come bring out your inner child and have a fun April 29th at 6pm!

Below is the list of announced matches! Be sure to check back and see what we have in store for you all!

—– Apex Pro Golden State Battle Royal —–
Our event will be kicked off with a battle royal, the winner receiving the first ever Apex Pro Golden State trophy! Who will be participating in this event? Well you’ll just have to come and see!

—– El Jefe & Terra Calaway vs Tyler Bateman & Raze —–
El Jefe and his little sis-in-law, Terra Calaway, are set to take on the deadly duo of Tyler Bateman and Raze. The energetic duo have one heck of a fight ahead of them. Who will come out victorious?

—– Ridiculously Bigg vs Sexy Chino & Gregory Sharpe —–
El Ridiculoso and Biggie Biggz have been seen all around SoCal, but they bring with them a whole new attitude to Apex Pro. These two are out to make an impression, taking out anyone they need to. Will the dancing fiend, Sexy Chino, and the feisty Gregory Sharpe be able to stop them?

—– Vintage Dragon vs Jarek Matthews vs Peter Avalon —–
We bring you an exciting triple threat as the fearless Vintage Dragon, the suplex-happy Jarek Matthews, and the flamboyant Peter Avalon meet head to head to head. Guaranteed to be one action packed match that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

—– SoCal Crazy vs Brandon Gatson —–
For the first time ever, the veteran luchador SoCal Crazy takes on the veteran professional wrestler Brandon Gatson. Two worlds collide as they bring their knowledge, skills, and years with them to see which will reign supreme… Lucha or Pro?