New Wave’s Tidal Wave 6 Recap

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of  New Wave Pro Wrestling’s Finale, “Tidal Wave 6”, March 3rd 2012 at the Clairemont Mesa Boys & Girls Club, San Diego, CA.  For this final show, a crowd of 100+ came to see the 8-match, 4-hour finale. Most of the wrestlers gave their thanks to the promotion after the match.

1 – Angel Santos & Jimmy Ray Walker def. Lovin’ Nick Lovin & Chris Ellis with double-pinfalls after the winning duo hit their respective finishers. This was Angel Santos’ first match since returning from his latest tour of duty w/ the U.S. Navy.

2 – Singles match in which the retired Scott Lost was the special guest referee. Aerial Star p. Ric Ellis w/ a Modified Death Valley Driver in a match that contained some very strong back-and-forth action.

3 – Johnny Paradise p. Extreme Loco w/ the Tombstone Piledriver in a strong match between the two bigger men.

4 – A “Kiss my a**!” match, in which the loser had to kiss the winner’s butt. Nick Madrid p. Joey Barone w/ the Frog Splash, then put some chap-stick on Joey Barone’s mouth. Joey refused to do it, even tried to KO Nick w/ some brass knuckles, so a couple of other men held him in place, then got the stinkface from ring announcer Benjamin Tomas.

5 – Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team action to determine the final NWPW Tag Team Champions: Silver Heart Radicalz (Ray Rosas & Lucha Machine) v. Violence Unlimited (Tyler Bateman & Funnybone, w/ Raze) v. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime). Great action all around from all three tag teams. Violence Unlimited eliminated the Silver Heart Radicalz first after hitting their team finisher on Ray Rosas, but it was the RockNES Monsters that had the final say when they hit a series of big moves on both members of Violence Unlimited, capped w/ Johnny Goodtime pinning Funnybone to put the RockNES Monsters down as the final NWPW Tag Team Champions.

6 – Battle royal was next after intermission, in which over 30 wrestlers competed in 3 waves. Final four were: Rotten Ronnie Thrash, Bobby Thrash, Angel Santos, & Aerial Star. The Thrashes first threw out Aerial Star, then did their best to unload on Angel Santos. But it was Angel who fired back harder, throwing out Bobby Thrash first, then Ronnie to win the battle royal.

7 – Ryan Taylor p. Joey Ryan (w/ Mondo Vega) w/ the Perfect Circle. Both men traded underhanded tactics behind the back of Referee Chris Massie, but Ryan Taylor had the final say. Joey Ryan didn’t like Mondo flaming at him for the loss, and gave him the End Stage Superkick.

SM – Andre Machievski p. Ryan Kidd w/ a right handed shot to the face after lifting him up in the air, almost like Claudio Castagnoli (WWE/FCW’s Antonio Cesaro).

* Before the final match while the steel cage was set up, a handful of people took the mic and gave their thoughts on the promotion and how it had shaped their lives, w/ both members of Anchors Away speaking last. Both of them claimed that they met their eventual spouses while they were running NWPW. How touching.

M – Steel cage match. 2 falls for the singles titles, w/ no rules. The first fall was for the NWPW Rapid Division Championship, and the second fall was for the NWPW Heavyweight Championship. The four competitors were: SoCal Crazy, B-Boy, Chris Kadillak, & Terex; w/ Mondo Vega managing Kadillak & Terex, as part of the K.O.S. Total mayhem from the start, w/ all kinds of weapons being used, from cookie sheets, to chairs, and later, four tables. Everyone in the back headed to the ring area to watch, and that was a good thing, as both SoCal Crazy & Chris Kadillak flew to a cluster from the top of the cage. SoCal Crazy then hit a bulldog on Chris Kadillak from the top of the cage, through a table, to get the first fall, but both of them were pretty much out of it afterwards. B-Boy & Terex then dueled for the big title, w/ both men being put through two different tables from the top rope; even Mondo Vega went through a table outside the cage himself when B-Boy knocked him down. In the end, it was B-Boy who hit the chair-assisted Shining Wizard to end the final match of the promotion.

Shot of the Night: Fall Out from the Main Event

Final NWPW Rapid Division Champion: SoCal Crazy

Final NWPW Tag Team Champions: RockNES Monsters

Final NWPW Heavyweight Champion: B-Boy

For more photos of the show, please visit my gallery.

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