WWE in Ontario, CA Recap

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of  WWE Raw House Show, Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, CA.  Lively atmosphere for a small venue in So Cal’s Inland Empire, and just about all the seats were filled.

1 – “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay (w/ who I believe was Naomi) p. David Otunga w/ the Running Splash. With him being kept off TV to fine-tune his current gimmick, I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t pull his pants completely off.

2 – FCW talent Ryback p. JTG w/ a finisher that looked like a modified Samoan Drop or Celtic Cross. Ryback looked pretty impressive in the ring, and with some fine-tuning and a viable gimmick, he could make the main rosters soon.

3 – Beth Phoenix successfully defended the WWE Divas Championship, knocking Nikki Bella onto Brie to knock her off the apron, then hit her Glam Slam. The time of their match probably equals 4 Divas TV matches.

4 – Epico & Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes) successfully defended the WWE Tag Team Championship, def. Alex Riley & Mason Ryan after Primo hit the Backstabber on A-Ri.

* Eve Torres comes out to address the Ontario crowd next about the incident during the Raw TV show in San Diego. She got plenty of heel heat & “Hoeski!” chants. Hhhmm, I hope she doesn’t spoil the party when we get to Rock v. Cena at WM28.

* The Miz comes out next to try to defend Eve, but got plenty of heel heat himself before getting cut-off by his opponent, R-Truth.

5 – R-Truth p. The Miz w/ his finisher. I don’t remember the name of his DDT, but it’s not the Lie Detector.

6 – After intermission, Jack Swagger successfully defended the WWE U.S. Championship, p. Santino Marella w/ the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger seemed to got lured in post-match by Santino, who had put his Cobra sock on, then hit the Cobra on Swagger.

SM – Chris Jericho p. Kofi Kingston w/ the Codebreaker. One of the fans at ringside seemed to have gotten into his head early on. Very neat semi-main w/ plenty of great counters, including Jericho countering the Trouble of Paradise to execute the Walls of Jericho.

M – Jericho later came out at the request of “John Laryngitis” via David Otunga to be the special guest outside enforcer for the CM Punk/Kane/Dolph Ziggler WWE Championship match, in which CM Punk’s “pipebomb” was to send a message to all the villains present, & to Johnny Ace to “Kiss My A**!” Great action from all 3 Superstars, that saw Jericho get involved after Senior Referee Scott Armstrong was knocked down to hit the Codebreaker on Punk, then dragged Ziggler over for the cover…..for only a 2-count! Punk proceeded to clean house, then hit the GTS on Ziggy to retain.