Jay Cal’s View #63

Battleground Pro Wrestling’s Heavyweight Championship will be decided by one of Rico Dynamite’s toughest Challenges, Brandon Gatson.  I’ve been working to get the SoCal  Wrestling HOF back up.  Really had a good time at the SoCal Pro Show, got some pics to share, and some Talk NWA notes.  As always we’ve got the up-coming shows for you as well.

SoCal Wrestling Hall of Fame
The HOF has been a symbol of pride for those who have been associated with SoCalUNCENSORED since 2001.  Last year along with the help of Mach-1 Wrestling, (SCU/M1W: Hall of Fame Cup) the Hall welcomed two new members. There are still many inductions that need to be written, if you are interested in contributing to the Hall of Fame, please email me Jay.Cal@SoCalUNCENSORED.com.

Rico Dynamite vs. Bradon Gatson
Gatson vs. Dynamite seems very interesting to me this weekend.  Both men have had some great accomplishments in and out of So Cal.  Rico began his training at the XPW Asylum back in 2001.   Gatson began his career at the School of Hard Knocks in 2000.  Although Gatson is a semi-regular for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Gatson is very dedicated to his home promotion Empire Wrestling Federation.  Rico like wise is extremely loyal to the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy although has made a name for himself all through out SoCal.  Gatson has started becoming a regular in WCWC in Oregon and previously worked Arizona.  Rico is a regular for Pro Wrestling Revolution in Nor Cal and will be joining them in Oklahoma in the Spring.  I think both performers are very underrated and the folks coming to Los Alamitos this weekend will be on hand for what could go down as a Match of the Year Candidate.  “Raunchy” Rico has become king in Battleground, but could 2012 be Brandon Gatson’s year?

SoCal Pro’s Goldrush III
Another great event for the SoCal Pro Wrestling Crew.  I was very happy with the open.  I believe Mr. Wilson was sitting in that ring for roughly an hour, just waiting for the show to begin.  He was nearly motionless the entire time.  His match with Yuma was a great way to open the show.   Kid Caramba 1st defense as SoCal Pro Heavyweight Champion against Ricky Mandel was very good and did a great job of establishing Caramba as champ.  Of course the highlight of the night was Adam Pearce defending the Worlds Heavyweight Championship against B-Boy.  10 years in the making, an incredible effort by both men.  I will never understand the Adam Pearce detractors out there, this was a great match that was very unique for the fans in Oceanside and the crowd got into it.  The mutual respect spilled into a fight.  But at the end, both men shook hands.  You can check out some pictures at Alliance-Wrestling.com

Talk NWA Updates
A month that saw Talk NWA featuring such guests as Howard Brody, NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas, and Famous B, we’ve decided to cut lose and do another FREE FOR ALL.  My favorite kind of show, because you don’t really know what you are going to get, last FREE FOR ALL we had a call in from Matt Conard.  This week we might play some audio from NWA Hollywood and SoCal Pro.


Upcoming Schedule

MeXPW presents Los Angeles Occupied
Saturday February 25th 2012 • 2:00PM
The Arena
6655 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles
Tickets: $22, Free for  Kids under 10 (but not recommended)
Featuring: Death Match – Messiah vs. Supreme

HWP Lucha Libre
Saturday February 25th 2012 • 7:00PM
Pacifica High School
600 Gozales Road Rd. Oxnard
Tickets: $20, $15 Kids
Featuring: El Hijo de La Park, Hijo de Misterioso, and Blod Eagle vs. Psicosis, Shamu Jr., and Acero Dorado

Freakshow Wrestling
Saturday February 25th 2012 • 7:30PM
The Mayan Theater
11108 Tuxford St. Sun Valley
Tickets: $15
Featuring: Sinn Bodhi, FunnyBone, Radio Active Chicken Heads, Buggy Nova, Count Smokula, Leatherface, and more.

Battleground: Counterstrike
Saturday, February 25th 2012 • 8:00PM
American Legion Post # 716
3252 Florista St. Los Alamitos
Tickets: $10 Kids: $8
Featuring: Battleground Pro Championship Match – Rico Dynamite (C) vs. Brandon Gatson

MWF Luch Mex
Saturday February 25th 2012 • 8:00PM
East Los Angeles Community Center
4401 Cesar Chavez Ave. Los Angeles
Tickets: $10, $3 for Kids
Featuring:  The Americas Championship Match – Super Maquina Jr. (C) vs. Kiss Jr.

LCW: Breakin
Sunday February 26th 2012 • 5:00PM
Casa Del Mexicano
2900 Pedro Infante, Los Angeles
Tickets: $13, $5 (Kids 10 and Under), $8 (Students with ID)
Featuring:  Famous B and Willie Mack vs. Little Cholo and a Mystery partner

Lucha Pro
Sunday, February 26th 2012 • 6:30pm
132 E. Florence Ave., Los Angeles
Tickets: 10, $3 for kids
Featuring:  TBA


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