Official New Wave Pro Wrestling Statement

Since last Sunday, we have been getting a lot of emails and texts, asking our reasoning behind closing New Wave’s doors. Let us start off by saying that when we brought New Wave to San Diego, we did it because there really was no other credible promotion running in San Diego at the time. We wanted to bring to San Diego fans the opportunity to see some great matches from awesome talent. We wanted to expand the scene, along with put a positive stamp on San Diego. We are beyond proud of being able to be a part of giving San Diego fans a good product and some awesome moments.
So, where did it go south? Truth be told, it hasn’t. We’re not broke, we didn’t lose our venue, and we still draw fans. The typical reasons why promotions close don’t apply to New Wave. It all has to do with 2 things:

1. As some know, along with being promoters, we also wrestle on other events. There’s only so much time someone gets in this business to make the most out of their experiences, and we have the same dreams and aspirations as a lot of other wrestlers do. In the last few months, we are wrestling more than we used to and it is difficult to schedule New Wave events around that schedule. We hate saying no to any booking and we’ve had to do it more than once, due to conflicting schedules with New Wave.

2. More importantly, lately, our personal lives have taken a radical change in direction. From new jobs, to new schools, to family, we don’t have the time we used to dedicate to the New Wave school. Because every cent of the school goes into the events, without the school, there is no certainty that the events will be properly funded. And anyone in this business knows how the pattern of a failing company flows. Events get further and further apart, and less and less people come, until finally the promoter gives the talent a bunch of sob stories about how they can’t even pay them gas money, until the promotion finally folds. We didn’t want the product to suffer and we didn’t want to close because we HAD to. We wanted to end the promotion on our own terms and leave with our heads up, gracefully bowing out, while we were still on a good run.

So, there you have it. We cannot tell you how grateful we are for everybody who’s ever supported us, from the audience to the wrestlers, to the ring crew, etc. We’re very happy with the 5 year run that we had and wouldn’t change it for anything.

-Andrew & Trevor
New Wave Pro Wrestling