Chaos Column: Recap of SCP’s “New Years Retribution” Jan. 14th

Shot of the NightCramaba celebrating the SoCal Pro Championship Victory

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of 01/14/2012 SoCal Pro Wrestling’s “New Years Retribution” at the Boys & Girls Club of Oceanside, CA.  Strong crowd on hand this night while the 49ers had their epic win, and Tom Brady owned Tim Tebow. I selected this show out of a possible 4 shows because I believed this was the strongest card of the bunch, and the outcome of this show would likely set the tone for the rest of the year for this promotion.

P – Pulpo Dorado p. Andre Machevski w/ a Slingshot Elbow Strike.

1 – Damage Control (Destro & Duke) successfully defended the SCP Tag Team Titles–which they had won late last year from Peter Avalon & Nick Lovin. En route to destroying the Frotsted Tip Warriors (Ryan Kidd & Eddie Randle), Destro & Duke hit their double-chokeslams on Ryan Kidd, w/ Duke scoring the pin, then did the same on Eddie Randle.

2 – Johnny Yuma p. Ric Ellis w/ the Sex Factor in a strong, even match that saw Yuma roll out of Ellis’ Top Rope Headbutt attempt to hit his finisher for the win.

3 – Johnny Paradise & Joey Barone d. SoCal Crazy & Jason Redondo. SoCal Crazy’s attempt for a Frog Splash was averted by an intervening Chimaera–of whom we still don’t know who’s behind the mask at this time–allowing Johnny Paradise to hit his Tombstone Piledriver on SoCal Crazy, & allow Joey Barone to score the pin.

4 – B-Boy p. Lovin’ Nick Lovin w/ the Top Rope Double Stomp, followed by the Brainbuster. Have to give due credit to Nick for lasting as long as he did, taking alot of punishment from the big veteran, & dishing out some punishment of his own.

SM – After intermission, Ricky Mandel p. Nick Madrid w/ a kick to the nuts behind the back of a distracted referee, who was trying to get Ricky’s “Mirror Image” belt out of the ring in thwarting an attempted belt shot attempt.

M – SCP Heavyweight Championship match between Tommy Wilson (C) & Kid Caramba. A very even, see-saw match between the champion who was completing a full-year title reign, and a young star who was on the title hunt after winning the inagural 2011 Summer Classic Tournament. Both referees were knocked down during this match while Tommy attempted to use a chair. The entire locker room area cleared out, and surrounded the ring late in the match. In the end, Kid Caramba was able to roll out of Tommy Wilson’s Corkscrew or Moonsault attempt–and we’re talking about a 6’2″, 261-lb. man here–and got in a big Backslide cover for the championship-clinching win.

Shot of the Night

Cramaba celebrating the SoCal Pro Championship Victory

New SCP Heavyweight Champion to start 2012: KID CARAMBA

On the next show on 2/18, a big feature match has already been booked, as B-Boy will get his shot at Adam Pearce, & the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

For more photos of the show, please visit my gallery.