Jay Cal’s View #57

Last weekend was a blast at NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, I’ve got some NWA Hollywood Updates to share.  Marko was also kind enough to give us the results of the 2nd SCWEA Challenge.  I’m also look at three of the biggest matches booked this weekend with Battleground, MPW, and SoCal Pro,  With so much wrestling action this weekend, plus the rest of the shows scheduled for this weekend.  Two hottest free agents collide this weekend in BPW
I think one of the biggest matches this weekend will be taking place in the BPW Ring, “Mr. Pay Per View” Famous B challenges “The International Man of Mystery” Joey Ryan for the WCWC Championship.   I don’t know that either man have faced each other yet, but 2011 was a banner year for Famous B, and he looks to kick off the 2012 Return to BPW by adding more gold to his wealth.  2011 wasn’t to shabby for Joey Ryan as he is set to return to India next week to continue his involvement with the TNA sponsored Ring Ka King.   This awesome match is joined in a line up of Extreme Loco challenging BPW Champion Rico Dynamite, Mikey O’Shea and Tito Escondido, and another one that should be good is Ray Rosas taking on Sasha Darevko.

NWA Hollywood Notes:
NWA Hollywood is going back to late night on KDOC-TV.  The good news is that KDOC is positioning the show where it can attract more lucrative advertising dollars.  The bad news is it’ll be on past my bed time.  But you can always catch the replays via the web if you aren’t blessed with a DVR.  The next episode will be another best of as it seems like technical difficulties may prevent the remainder of the December taping airing.  Which was really too bad, because the Johnny Yuma vs. Scorpio Sky for the NWA Hollywood TV Title was hands down, one of the best matches of the 2011 taping season.  I had a great time at the January TV Taping, Alliance-Wrestling.com took over 2oo plus photos from the NWA Hollywood Television Taping, you can see ’em here.  It was also announced that the show will be returning to the Glendale Studios on February 12th 2012, which should be the regular home going forward.  The NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion will return on the 12th with more matches to be announced soon.

The California Classic Battle Royal – MPW
You know one of my favorite things with Battle Royals is seeing faces you haven’t seen before or in a while.  When SoCal Pro ran their SoCal Rumble last year, we saw the return of Chimaera.  NWA Hollywood recently had a battle royal that featured a lot of new faces, but one of my favorites was Tha Chef.  In the same vein,   NegativeOn61 reported; “The California Classic Battle Royal will mark the return of a few SoCal wrestling greats that haven’t been seen for a while. Former UIWA United States Champion King Faviano has agreed to enter the Battle Royal. So has former XPW World Champion “White Trash” Johnny Webb, who will be there representing Trailer Trash along with his cousin Zeke Del Roy. In addition to that Riki Ataki will be in the Battle Royal and will also be in 1 on 1 action against Dr. Vandel Drummond. Riki Ataki wrestling numerous times in the WWF, UWF and AWA taking on almost every big name from that era.”

Results from the SCWEA Eating Challenge Part 2
(Credit Marko) – RANCHO BERNARDO-January 10, 2012
This is it! The news you’ve been waiting for! The results of the SCWEA latest…um, match?  From Hooters Rancho Bernardo, the food du jour was wings. Contestant picks their favorite flavor (almost guaranteed to be their least favorite by the end of the bout).

And the winners are:
In fourth place at 30 wings: Everett Scott
In third place with 31 wings: Paul Sirio
In second place with 38 (or was it 39 – I don’t remember) wings: Andre Mach…Andre Michael…The Polish Tyrant (please don’t hit me, Andre)
And successfully defending the 10 ounces of cardboard and tape, your SCWEA World Champion with a whopping 58 wings: Jeff Dino.

Other participants included Ryan Kidd, Kid Caramba, Jimmy Ray Walker, “Lovin’” Nick Lovin and prolly more that I don’t remember. Or don’t want to.
When will the next challenge take place? The word is still out on that but as soon as I know…I’ll know.

Is Wilson’s SoCal Pro Title in jeopardy?
Wilson vs. Caramba for the SoCal Pro Heavyweight Title is the main in Oceanside this weekend. The last two these two squared off there was nothing Tommy could do to keep Caramba pinned to the mat for a three count.  Like wise, there was nothing Caramba could do to beat the reigning champion.  After the time limit had expired neither man was victorious, even after two five minute over time periods, neither man had an advantage.  It was a great match.  The Fans in Oceanside, do not want to miss this one.

Upcoming Events:

SoCal Pro Wrestling
Saturday, January 14th 2012 • 6:00pm
Boys and Girls Club
401 Country Club Lane, Oceanside
Tickets $15, $10 for Military and Kids
Featuring: SoCal Pro Heavyweight Championship Match – “Mr. Mega Star” Tommy Wilson vs. Kid Caramba

Millennium Pro Wrestling
Saturday, January 14th 2012 • 6:00pm
Simi Valley Boys and Girls Club
2850 Lemon Dr. Simi Valley
Tickets $10, Kids $7
Featuring: Featuring the California Classic Battle Royal

Battleground Pro Wrestling
Saturday, January 14th 2012 • 7:30pm
American Legion Post #355
9535 California Ave., South Gate
Tickets $10, $8 for Kids
Featuring: BPW Heavyweight Championship Match – Rico Dynamite and Extreme Loco

Freakshow Wrestling
Saturday, January 14th 2012 • 8:00pm
The KnokXPro Arena
11108 Tuxford St., Sun Valley
Tickets : $10
Featuring:  The GRUDGE MATCH: Santa Claus vs Jesus, with guest ref SATAN!!!

MWF Lucha Libre: Lucha Mex Mexicana
Saturday January 14th 2012 • 8:00PM
East Los Angeles Community Youth Center
4401 Cesar Chavez Ave.
Tickets $10, $3 Kids
Featuring: Los Indomables (Zandocan, Super Maquina Jr., and Punisher) vs. Los Idolos (Kiss Jr., Kiss III, and Neutron Jr.)

Lucha Nation
Sunday, January 15th 2012 • 5:00pm
Casa Del Mexicano
2900 Calle Pedro Infante, Los Angeles
Tickets $14, $5 for kids, $8, for students
Featuring:  Los Luchas, Los Chivos, and more

New Wave Pro Wrestling: Totally Smashed
Sunday January 15th 2012 • 5:30PM
Clairemont Mesa Boys & Girls Club
4635 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego
Tickets $15, $10 Kids
Featuring: KOS (Terex, Chris Kadillak, & Joey Ryan) vs. B-Boy, SoCal Crazy, & a partner of their choosing

Lucha Pro
Sunday, January 15th 2012 • 6:30pm
132 E. Florence Ave., Los Angeles
Tickets  $10, $3 for kids
Featuring:  TBA


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