Chaos Column: Recap of EWF’s “Why Brandon Why?” Jan. 6th

Brandon Gatson....Johnny Starr....Tommy Wilson. With the EWF Heavyweight Championship as the prize, this could be a powderkeg waiting to explode.

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of 01/06/2012 Empire Wrestling Federation’s “Why Brandon Why?” at the Knights of Columbus in Covina, CA.  There were plenty of intrigue in the wake of the events of the last 2 EWF Covina shows, and it pretty much showed before a good crowd at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Covina, CA.

1 – Stryder v. Valiant ended in a No Contest when Brandon Gatson ran in and took out both wrestlers. Gatson then cut a promo about the last 2 events, mentioning the (Country Bear) fans that booed him. The 12-year veteran of the EWF was cut-off by Johnny Starr, who was then cut-off by Tommy Wilson, who attacked him by wearing down both of his arms w/ the steel post.

2 – Eddie Mattson p. Sam Chowder (w/ D.K. Murphy) w/ a version of the Widow’s Peak, countering a top rope move by Chowder. A very neat-looking move to view on DVD or as a YouTube clip.

3 – Sugar Sweet p. The Mexican Warrior w/ what looked like a botched facebreaker move that probably busted up the nose of the Mexican Warrior. Either way, the referee had to call for assistance to bring the vanquished wrestler to the back.

4 – EWF Tag Team Championship match between La Familia (Rico Dynamite & Damien Arsenick, w/ Robbie Phoenix) & The A-List (Jeremy Jaeger & Roger Ruiz, w/ Liger Rivera) ended in a No Contest. Things got out of hand late when Robbie Phoenix first distracted Referee Christopher Lee, allowing Damien to smack Jaeger in the back of the head w/ brass knuckles. Roger then took a chair from Liger, & smacked Rico in the back w/ it to break the cover. Robbie & Liger then really got involved to try & break Jaeger’s cover, resulting in a 6-man brawl. The two tag teams are now scheduled to face off again in a No-DQ, last chance title match on 1/21 in San Bernardino. You can thank EWF Deputy Commissioner & former WWE Referee Marty Elias for that.

5 – After intermission, Mike Maze successfully defended the EWF American Championship, pinning Freddy Bravo w/ a Superplex, followed by the Top Rope Elbow Drop. Mike seemed to have gotten dazed by a pair of knees to his face & the side of his neck, but shook it off enough to score the successful title defense.

SM – “Project 56” Joshua Dunbar rolled-up & p. “Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle. “Mr. Wonderful” cut quite a lengthy promo before Dunbar cut him off to start the match, then took out Dunbar w/ some post-match strikes & holds after the bell.

Brandon Gatson....Johnny Starr....Tommy Wilson. With the EWF Heavyweight Championship as the prize, this could be a powderkeg waiting to explode.

M – “Handsome” Johnny Starr successfully defended the EWF Heavyweight Championship, rolling up to p.”Mega King” Tommy Wilson (w/ his queen, Ashley Hollywood) w/ a Small Package or Inside Cradle. Things were pretty even, especially when Nikki Hollywood came out to brawl w/ her sister. Brandon Gatson, who was at the commentary table w/ Wade Needham & Matt Sinister, got involved late, distracting Tommy enough to cause the outcome. Johnny & Brandon had quite the stare-down after the match, causing Marty to set up Starr & Maze v. Gatson & Wilson for the 2/3 show.

Speaking of the 2/3 show in Covina, the main event is a special one, as “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce is scheduled to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against “The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King. Usual 8:00pm PST start, w/ a $13/$7 admission for this show.

For more photos of the show, please visit my gallery.