[Results] NWPW “Chardcore Chanukah” Dec 11 2011

Courtesy of Marko

B-Boy vs Joey Ryan (KOS is barred from ringside):

B-Boy won via DQ as KOS did indeed run in. SoCal Crazy than ran in to clear the ring.

NWPW Tag Team championship – Silver Heart Radicals (c) vs RockNES Monsters:

Silver Hearts won and retained the belts. Great mix of wrestling and humor.

NWPW Rapid Division Championship – Triple Threat Match
“King Of Speed” Chris Kadillak w/Mondo Vega (c) vs SoCal Crazy vs Jaysin Strife:

Chris Kadillak retained with a clean pin. MOTN IMHO

3 on 1 Handicap Match – “King Of Size” Terex w/Mondo Vega vs 3 opponents:

The three opponents were “Lovin” Nick Lovin, Jimmy Ray Walker and, making his NWPW debut, Chris Ellis. Terex won, pinning all three at the same time.

Joey “The Bone” Barone vs Nick Madrid – (as per stipulation of last month’s match up, The Bone will be dressed as Mrs. Claus):

Although scheduled to be the curtain jerker, Barone didn’t come out as Mrs Claus. Commish Aerial Star said he’d postpone the match until later in the card, but The Bone would don the suit. It happened later in the card and Barone did don – well, a costume. Sort of a mashup of Mrs Claus and Sheba of the Jungle. Whatever, he did pin Madrid.

Andre Machievski vs Ryan Kidd:

Kidd was pinned cleanly by the “Polish Tyrant”.

Unadvertised was a match between “Damage Control”‘s Duke and Ric Ellis w/Chris Ellis. Ric was a face in this match although I didn’t see a previous turn for him. Maybe he shouldn’t have turned as it led to a loss.

Neither “Pretty” Peter Avalon nor Johnny Paradise were in attendance although they were advertised. Strange, since Avalon tweeted Sat (I believe) that this would be his last appearance of the year.

I had a really good time at this card. I enjoy NWPW better on Sun nights, I think – don’t ask me why. Next show is also scheduled for Sunday – January 15, 2012. Main Event will be SoCal Crazy, B-Boy and a mystery partner vs three of KOS using the Freebird rule.

Guess this wasn’t as “quickie” as I thought it would be. undefined