Chaos Column: Recap of MPW’s “Slammin’ Saturday Night” Dec. 3rd 2011

Shot of the Night 12/03/2011 Taylor v. Sky

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of Millennium Pro Wrestling’s  “Slammin’ Saturday Night” from the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley.
This new venue for the promotion, first and foremost, has alot more space than the spot where The Hubb used to be. Although there was no bar for the beer & other alcoholic beverages to flow, there was a good rate for a cheeseburger or a hot dog combo. With the bigger venue, there was alot more space for the wrestlers to work in. This particular show was also a fundraiser, where half of the revenue went directly to the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley itself.

1 – Hellkid (w/ Trixie) p. Dr. Vandal Drummond w/ a Crucifix that took him a tad longer than expected to score the pin while trying to put his weight down on his opponent. Trixie, for some reason, tried to “sympathize” w/ Dr. Drummond.

Before the next match, former WWE NXT Rookie Jacob Novak cut an in-ring promo, which got cut short by hometown wrestler Brawlin’ Bo Cooper.

2 – Sean Christensen made Fern Owen tapout to what looked like a Guillotine Choke after hitting a finisher, which I forgot what it was.

3 – 6-man tag team action between The Territory Kings (MPW Tag Team Champions Omar “Slam” Duncan & Whiskey Fists MacIntosh, & Spectre) and The Bar Room Saints (D.K. Murphy & Joshua Dunbar) & Hobo. MPW Commissioner Dan Farren added a stipulation to the match before the bell. Due to their “lack of holiday spirit”, if the Territory Kings lost the match, then they would have to dress up in holiday clothes & give away holiday gifts to the kids in attendance at intermission. Well, that’s what exactly happened, as D.K. Murphy got the winning pin on Omar Duncan off the Bar Room Saints’ finisher.

4 – “The NY Knockout” Nikki successfully defended the MPW Women’s Championship, getting a DQ win over Thunderkitty, who failed to heed the ropebreak while putting Nikki in a Boston Crab. Good ladies match between the two, though.

5 – Lethal Logan X successfully defended the MPW Maximum Championship, pinning Mario Banks w/ his version of the Top Rope Moonsault. Had it not been for Tex Tunney distracting Referee Justin Borden, Mario Banks may’ve scored the win & the title w/ a Modified Sleeper Hold.

6 – After intermission & plenty of holiday gifts given to the kids by the Territory Kings, Crayz p. some luchador that I do not know by name w/ his finishing Neckbreaker.

7 – Disco Machine p. Hector Canales w/ the Chokebreaker in a battle between two wrestlers who like to thrust their hips.

SM – Brawlin’ Bo Cooper p. Former WWE NXT Rookie “Mo-Star” Jacob Novak when he put his big body down for the cover to block the Reversal Sunset Flip attempt. After a talk w/ Dan Farren, he got a MPW Heavyweight Championship title shot for the 1/14/12 show.

Shot of the Night 12/03/2011 Taylor v. Sky

M – Ryan Taylor successfully defended the MPW Heavyweight Championship, pinning Scorpio Sky w/ the Perfect Circle. Great mix of counters & high spots that easily made it the match of the night, & one of the promotion’s best matches of the year.

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