Chaos Column: Recap of “Inland Title Tournament ” EWF from Covina Nov. 25th 2011 of the Night: "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of the “Inland Title Tournament” Empire Wrestling Federation’s show from the Knights of Columbus Hall, in Covina.  A capacity crowd was on hand for the EWF’s annual Inland Title Tournament, complete with some studio lighting and a team of expert cameramen, all coordinated by EWF Deputy Commissioner & former WWE Referee Marty Elias.

I predicted right. I predicted that Black Friday’s EWF event was going to be one we will not soon forget, and I was right! The event was so perfect that Im still excited over it. A packed house! 9 great exciting matches with the Inland Title Series being won by Jeremy Jaeger. I can’t describe the excitement and the work quality of every single match out there. The negativity and the radicals are gone out of the EWF It’s one for all and all for one. Our main concern and goal is primarily to excite our fans. Putting the icing on this cake was the fact that we were able to film a professional pilot for a spanish network. Our producers were very happy with the show and how filming was done. Big thanks to each and everyone who worked hard last night in making this possible. With Jake Alexander being out on vacation and leaving Marty Elias and a couple of others in charge the whole thing went out with a bang, and with a smooth sailing everything was perfect. I can’t thank you all enough.

–Jesse Hernandez


1 – Willie Mack p. Robbie Phoenix (w/ Damien Arsenick) w/ a Running Enziguri, catching Robbie in time after being distracted by Damien, who was taken out by A-List members Jeremy Jaeger & Liger Rivera.

2 – Ryan Taylor p. Joshua Dunbar w/ the “Perfect Circle” 360 STO.

3 – Jeremy Jaeger p. “The King of the Streets” Mondo Vega w/ an Inside Cradle, countering a DDT attempt by Mondo. Jaeger paid for his attempt to pick apart Mondo’s left shoulder by getting his left knee picked apart. That would nag him for the rest of the tournament.

4 – Scorpio Sky p. “Mega-King” Tommy Wilson w/ a countering suplex into a bridge cover. See-saw grudge match was the best match of the first round.

5 – Ladies in action. Nikki Hollywood & Aiden Riley def. “Mega-Queen” Ashley Hollywood & Yyan Nakano. Nikki seemed to have intimidated her sister enough to drive her out of the ring late in the match, leaving Yyan high & dry. Aiden Riley’s big boot to Yyan’s face while on the apron helped Nikki complete the winning Crucifix pin.


6 – Ryan Taylor p. Willie Mack w/ the big roundhouse kick, followed by the “Perfect Circle”.

7 – Jeremy Jaeger p. Scorpio Sky w/ the Crucifix, then rolled on top of him to add his full body weight on the cover. Slightly better match of the two semifinal matches, as Jaeger overcame all kinds of bumps to score the upset.

SM – Teacher v. Student match. Brandon Gatson p. Country Bear w/ the Superkick. There were plenty of Country Bear fans for this one, and the big man got his nose bloodied up midway through the short, effective match.

M – Inland Title Tournament Final. Jeremy Jaeger made Ryan Taylor tapout to a Lebell Lock submission. Great see-saw action that saw most of the fans chant “Ryan Bieber”. Ryan Taylor gave Jeremy Jaeger due credit for the win, but the celebration was cut short when La Familia came to the ring, distracting Jaeger enough for Tito Escondido to run in for a backside attack. That drew out the rest of The A-List, including Roger Ruiz, as well as Scorpio Sky. Marty Elias then made one of the few 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Matches for the 12/9 toy drive show in Covina. BOOSH!

Shot of the Night: "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger - EWF

This has to be one of the biggest wins of Jeremy Jaeger’s career IMO. He overcame a worn down left knee, and gave a stellar performance worthy of some year-end EWF honors. The EWF will likely be running 2 more shows, with the aforementioned “Jingle Slam 2” toy drive show, where a donated unwrapped toy valued at the normal admission rates will get a fan in; and one on 12/17 at American Sports University in San Bernardino.

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