Chaos Column: Recap of EWF from Covina Nov. 4th 2011

Shot of the Night Mega Royalty is Victorious

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of Empire Wrestling Federation’s show from the Knights of Columbus Hall, in Covina.  Despite the cold and the rain that fell over So Cal this day, it didn’t dampen the large turnout for the 8-match card that featured a mixed tag team match & a ladder match in the main event.  3 short, effective matches opened the card:

1 – Dave The Bruiser p. The Mexican Warrior w/ a big Bodyblock, followed by a Running Splash. Dave had a female manager with him instead of Ein Idol.

2 – Willie Mack p. Mighty Mike Mountain w/ a Running Enziguri.

3 – Eddie Mattson p. Valiant w/ a male version of the Widow’s Peak.

4 – EWF American Championship match between Mike Maze & SoCal Crazy ended in a double-pinfall when Mike Maze went for a German Suplex, but apparently, SoCal Crazy put his weight on top of his opponent to cause the result. Mike Maze remains the EWF American Champion.

* In-ring promo by La Familia (Rico Dynamite, Damien Arsenick, & Robbie Phoenix). Rico boasted about his stable being the greatest EWF Tag Team Champion of all time, but the promo was cut short when The A-List (Jeremy Jaeger & Roger Ruiz) snuck in from the back, and Roger hit the Ace Crusher on Robbie Phoenix. EWF Deputy Commissioner & former WWE Referee Marty Elias then set up the next match.

5 – EWF Tag Team Championship match between La Familia (Rico Dynamite & Damien Arsenick) & The A-List. The A-List won this one by DQ when Robbie Phoenix snuck in for an attack, but was nailed with the Ace Crusher by Roger Ruiz again. La Familia retained the tag team titles, but Robbie Phoenix left with a sore chin after eating The A-List’s “One Night Stand” team finisher, and that led to intermission.

6 – After intermission, Brandon Gatson p. Killa Gorilla clean w/ the Stunner. Rematch from the last EWF show showed a more improved Killa Gorilla in terms of power game, and had a chance to sneak in a cover with his superior size when Brandon Gatson went for a countering Sunset Flip, leading to the eventual outcome. Big man has potential, if he can improve on his ring tactics & endurance. After the match, “Once” Country Bear came out with a new manager, and cut a promo w/ Gatson, eventually setting up a match at the next Covina show.

SM – Mixed Tag Team match. The “Mega-Royals” (“MegaKing” Tommy Wilson & “MegaQueen” Ashley Hollywood) def. Scorpio Sky & Nikki Hollywood. Great action took a turn when Referee Justin Borden was knocked down, leading to Tommy Wilson hitting his MegaKick on Nikki Hollywood, letting Ashley score the winning pin. Not the setback Scorpio Sky needs going into his NWA International TV Title defense against Peter Avalon on the next NWA Hollywood taping.

Shot of the Night Mega Royalty is Victorious

M – Ladder Match for the EWF Heavyweight Championship between Johnny Starr & Terex. Great action that saw 2 ladders used, and Terex making a failed attempt at a Splash from one of the ladders. Match of the night ended when Johnny Starr knocked Terex off the ladder with some strikes on top of the ladder, then grabbed the title belt to retain.

Already booked for the 11/25 “Thanksgiving Throwdown IV” show on Black Friday:

Tommy Wilson v. Scorpio Sky in an Inland Title Tournament match

Master v. Student: Brandon Gatson v. “Once” Country Bear

The Hollywood Sisters square off against one another in a ladies tag team match.


for more photos of the show, please visit my gallery