Chaos Column: Recap of EWF’s “Tributes 2011” Oct. 14th 2011

Shot of the Night - EWF Oct 16th

BTWNCHAOSNORDER’S gives a recap of Empire Wrestling Federation’s  “Tributes  2011”  show from the Knights of Columbus in Covina.  The EWF Honored Knights of Columbus Charter Member Dave Harper and former EWF Ring Announcer Jeff Hanula.   This show had a good-sized crowd on hand for the 7-match card. Wade Needham of did commentary with 1/2 of “The A-List”, “Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger.

1 – Danny Ghost p. Ein Idol w/ a Roundhouse Kick or Enziguri to counter Ein’s top rope move, followed by a Swanton Bomb. Ein inserted himself into this match to replace his bodyguard, Dave The Bruiser.

2 – SoCal Crazy made Flecha Fugaz tapout to his version of the Lebell Lock to end a strong lucha libre match. SoCal Crazy then cut a promo, saying that he’s looking for EWF singles gold, and that he was planning to take up the open challenge of “Ironman” Mike Maze and go for the EWF American Championship.

* A tribute segment for Dave Harper & Jeff Hanula was held, complete w/ a 10-bell salute & a remembrance ritual held by members of the Knights of Columbus.

3 – Brandon Gatson p. Killa Gorilla w/ the Superkick, followed by a final leg drop. Gatson had to overcome the bigger man, who used his power game really well in a losing effort. Killa Gorilla could be a man to watch after he gave Gatson one last powerbomb after the bell.

4 – The Family (Rico Dynamite & Damien Arsenick, w/ Robbie Phoenix) successfully defended the EWF Tag Team Championship, def. The Fallen Empire (Ryan Taylor & Mondo Vega). Both heel teams certainly resorted to rulebreaking tactics here, but it was Rico Dynamite who had the last laugh, KO’ing Mondo Vega with a brass knuckle punch to break his Boston Crab submission on Damien Arsenick, then pinned him.

5 – “The Mega-King” Tommy Wilson (w/ “Mega-Queen” Ashley Hollywood & Nikki Hollywood) p. “The Icon” D.K. Murphy w/ the “Mega-Kick” Superkick. Tommy went on to berate Nikki Hollywood for costing him his Last Man Standing match against Brandon Gatson, and went for a big slap on Nikki, but Ashley stopped him, then slapped her herself, leading to an “Intermission save” by Johnny Starr, Mike Maze, & SoCal Crazy, among others.

SM – After intermission, Scorpio Sky successfully defended the NWA International TV Championship, when he p. Freddy Bravo w/ the Ace of Spades. Scorpio Sky had to roll out of Freddy Bravo’s Kurt Angle-like Anklelock submission, using his leverage to drive Freddy Bravo to the corner, then gave him a stunning Bicycle Kick to the chin, leading to the finisher. Narrow choice for my match of the night.


Shot of the Night - EWF Oct 14th

M – Shaun Rickers & Terex def. EWF Heavyweight Champion “Handsome” Johnny Starr & EWF American Champion “Ironman” Mike Maze. Rickers p. Starr w/ the “Evil After Dark” Elevated Rock Bottom, pretty much putting him back in the hunt for the Heavyweight title, and Terex is now likely back on the American championship hunt. Johnny Starr was certainly not happy when Terex & Rickers handcuffed Mike Maze to a corner, then did a post-match beatdown, calling him out to the ring, but then called him a coward when he didn’t.

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