Updates on Santino Brother’s Wrestling Academy

Bell Gardens, CA – Santino Bros Wrestling is still on its natural high from this past weekend.  The city of Huntington Park held its annual festival and invited to SBW to participate in its festivities.  Smack dab in the middle of intersection Pacific & Gage, we held our show.  The crowds flooded to the intersection, with the sun blazing down and the Superstars of Santino Bros gave it their all!  We saw old fans and made alot of new ones.  Good times were had by all!

The office is proud to announce its upcoming showcases for the month of November!  On November 5, 2011 and November 24, 2011 – card to be announced and in celebration of Thanksgiving, we will hold a special showcase… elimination style rules, were the wrestler must survive to the end.  More details coming soon for both shows….stay tuned!
Santino Bros Showcases were created to feature our up and coming students to
get them ready for the indy circuit.  If you are interested in being booked on our showcase, contact Sylvia@SantinoBros.net.  This is for current workers trying to get some experience and to train in a live show atmosphere.Also, in recognition of the “giving” part of this yummy holiday, we have a special enrollment price of $11.  Yes only $11 will pay for your downpayment and includes the 1st session!  Thats a savings of over $130!!!  All you have to do is sign up on 11/11/11 for this special introductory price!  your 2nd session on will be only $25 per session, available in pay to train or monthly payments.

Lucha Girls Wrestling is also moving forward and going strong!  We have pro
style and fantasy style wrestlers to fulfill every wrestling fantasy!  Don’t be afraid to book your dream match or be in the match yourself!  We have a full equipped wrestling gym to host these bouts and for Lucha Girls to train. For more information or to live your dream goto http://www.LuchaGirls.com or contact LuchaGirls@SantinoBros.net