The Cutler Brothers Announce Retirement

On Wednesday, the Cutler Brothers announced their retirement from professional wrestling (via Twitter). From Dustin Cutler (@DustinCutler):

Lots of rumors/question floating around about the future of @BrandonCutler & I in pro wrestling. As it stands right now we have both decided to move on from wrestling. We both love it & have TONS of great memories while being involved in the wrestling industry. Multiple factors have influenced our decision. I for one am now married to my soul mate, lucky enough to be a homeowner and blessed to a GREAT job. Brandon also has a job he enjoys along with regular personal training clients. This decision has been in the back of our minds for awhile now and recent events with local wrestling companies was the final factor. We appreciate everything the wrestling fans have given us. We will definitely cherish all the memories we have working with companies like wpw, revpro, aws, PWG, nwa and many more!

The Cutlers cited “recent events with local wrestling companies [as] the final factor.” The Cutler Brothers were absent from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla‘s EIGHT, and had recently been removed from that company’s roster page. No other details were given.

[Note: both Brandon and Dustin have renamed their Twitter accounts (and, to respect their privacy, the new accounts won’t be printed here). Thanks to Souf Centrol at the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Forum for archiving the original tweet.]

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