Jay Cal’s View #30 — A look at the SCU Hall of Fame 2010

Since 2001, SoCalUNCENSORED.com has been the uncensored voice in Southern California, pioneered by Steven Bryant and Lonnie Hill. Taking a radically different approach at the time, by separating themselves from other Southern California wrestling websites, SCU became the place to get your news and information with regards to Indy wrestling.

It wasn’t long before SoCalUNCENSORED.com would create a way to recognize the names, faces, and places of the past who helped paved the way for wrestling today. Prior to the 1980s expansion of the World Wrestling Federation, California and more specifically was a hotbed for professional wrestling.

Joining a the incredible list of names in the Hall of Fame for 2010 would be Super Dragon, Dynamite D, and Special Historian Selection Enrique Torres. And up until this year there had been no special presentation to the inductees. That changed with a phone call nearly six months ago.

Jon Ian, promoter of Mach-1 Wrestling had contact me about partnering with SoCalUNCENSORED.com.  Now I was a little leery about allowing any promoter to use the name of this website. As part of being “The Uncensored Voice,” I also wanted to maintain the sites integrity of being unbiased. After speaking to Jon, I felt what he was trying to do would be very special and after Adair and Steve both agreed we confirmed with Jon that SCU would like to be a part of the Hall of Fame Cup. Jon’s plan came to fruition this past Saturday with an amazing showcase of talents who’ve impacted Southern California and recognized two incredible names who undoubtedly influenced wrestling.

Jon Ian would say “The HOF Cup has been something I have wanted to do for 2 years now and I am so happy that I finally was able to do it. [Saturday]was a fabulous day and everyone really stepped up and was fantastic, Thank you so much.” I think it is Jon, who deserves a bit of thanks. Jon and the entire Mach-1 Wrestling crew put a lot of work into not only booking a great show, but also allowing Mrs. McMillan, Kris Kloss and Kaos with the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy to accept the honor for Dynamite D., and for Taro and Disco Machine to accept the honor for Super Dragon. The seriousness of those accepting for D made for a very emotional experience. With the common message of Dynamite D deserving this award. The duo of Taro and Disco did their best to show respect for the ceremony, but were perfectly honest about Super Dragon would probably curb stomp the award.

This event was the epitome of classy and I again take my hats off to the entire M1Wrestling crew who made this event happen.  I am definitely looking forward to next years event as I hope this becomes a regular event in Southern California.

For results of the show, please check out Chaos Column: Recap of NWA Pro/Mach-1 with SoCalUNCENSORED.com Hall of Fame Cup.  If you’d like to see some additional photos from the site, please visit theAlliance-Wrestling Facebook Page