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The Southern California Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame is proud to announce its class of 2010 Inductees are Enrique Torres, Super Dragon, and Dynamite D. To be elected a person must be listed on 70% of returned ballots.


Rating We are pround to announce three new inductees to the Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame for 2010. The newest members of the hall of fame are as follows:

Dynamite D – Dynamite D was a long time Southern California wrestler who started his career at Slammers, where he was a two time heavyweight champion. He later helped found SCCW and was an instrumental part of the founding of XPW and became their head trainer. Beyond his in-ring and behind the scenes work, he was a major part of wrestling fandom in Southern California in the pre-internet days. His wrestling radio shows was one of the only places to get information on upcoming local shows. He passed away in 2007.

Enrique Torres – Voted in by a special committee to look at pre-1980 wrestlers, Enrique Torres was one of the biggest stars in Southern California in the 1940s and 1950s. Born in Santa Ana in 1922, he held the Los Angeles version of the World Title almost nonstop between 1946 and 1950. During that time he had two of the biggest feuds of the era with Gorgeos George and later Baron Michele Leone. He retired from wrestling in 1968, and passed away in 2007 at the age of 85.

Super Dragon – Easily the biggest star in Southern California for most of the first decade of this century. He began his career in 1997 at WPW, but started to gain his fame at Revolution Pro in 1999. After his matches began to attract a lot of hype online, Super Dragon soon was booked all over Southern California, taking part in well reviewed matches in such promotions as XPW, MPW, GSCW, and Epic. He then became one of the founders of PWG, one of the most successful independent wrestling promotions in the country. Super Dragon was named wrestler of the year for Southern California three times, in 2001, 2003, and 2004. He has also been in the match of the year five times, and PWG has been named Southern California promotion of the year seven times.

Here are the complete voting results:

Super Dragon 82%
Dynamite D 76%

Alex Knight 65%
Ron Rivera 62%
Christopher Daniels 62%
Cincinnati Red 56%
Ballard Brothers (Shannon & Shane Ballard) 56%
Kevin Kleinrock 53%
Jon Ian 50%
Rick Bassman 40%
Sting 40%
Primetime Peterson 40%
Art Barr 40%
Joey Munoz (Kaos) 36%
Stephan DeLeon 36%
Super Boy 33%
Bart Kapitzke 30%
Kiss 22%
Gary Key 22%
Supreme 20%
Rey Misterio Jr. 20%
B-Boy 19%
John Cena 10%
Aaron Aguilera 9%
The Sheik 4%
Rick Sadist 0%
Ricky Reyes 0%
Vince McMahon Jr. 0%



To see the entire list of who has been inducted into the Southern California Hall of Fame, along with some photos, memories, and bios of some of the inductees, head to The Southern California Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame. (check back later)


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