King Pin Wrestling Presents Bloodlines March 20, 2010

Click below for all the details.With the recent addition of several high profile athletes to the already impressive roster, KINGPIN WRESTLING is proud to announce the date forour next event. Itʼs been highly anticipated and long overdue, but we needed to make sure things were in place before making the date official. Now that we can, on Saturday, Mar 20, 2010 KINGPIN WRESTLING is proud to present our first event for the new year.

As previously announced, the theme for this year is BLOODLINES. With the new year brings the first title defense for our reigning Champion, Todd Medina. Todd has proven himself in battle by winning the title, but must now face the long list of challengers prepared to take it away from him.

His first challenger will be none other than the incomparable, Sky Andrews.

Set to debut with a bang, Scorpio Sky has set his sites on the Openweight Champion and is ready to make his presence known. “I came to KINGPIN for the Belt. Iʼve been a champion in every promotion Iʼve ever competed for and KINGPIN will be no different!”

The very first title defense of the KINGPIN WRESTLING Openweight Championship has been set , as Todd Medina(C) prepares to battle Sky Andrews. With this being the first defense of his Championship reign, Todd Medina is taking no chances as he enters his training camp.

“Iʼm not about to take Scorpio Sky lightly. You know… thatʼs the worst thing
you can do as a fighter. As a champion. I know what it takes to get to the top and I havenʼt forgotten that hunger now that I am on top. I know everybody is gunning for me and I love it! This is what I live for! This is
what itʼs all about!”

While the Champ prepares for battle, his challenger prepares for war:

“This is my time! Iʼm coming in here to prove something. Not to myself, but to all the haters out there. For so long Iʼve been described as one of the most gifted athletes in this sport. Well, when I beat Medina it wonʼt be a gift. Itʼll be hard work and determination. That knock against me that talent will only get you so far… well look how far itʼs gotten me now! Iʼve risen to the top of every promotion Iʼve worked for and KINGPIN will be no different. And it wonʼt be because someone gave it to me. Itʼll be because I came in
prepared and thereʼs no short cuts for that!

Donʼt miss BLOODLINES Saturday, March 20, 2010.

Live from the World Famous LA BOXING in Costa Mesa, Ca!

Also set to appear: Sean McCully, Andrew Hellman, W.Dauphiney, and Josh Alston.

Full card to be announced later.

Stay with us and we hope to see you there!


103 E 17th ST. COSTA MESA, CA 92627

Admission $20

INFO 949.642.5269

Card subject to change

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