Westcoast Wrestling Company The Gift & The Curse 2 January 16, 2010

The Westcoast Wrestling Company’s The Gift & The Curse 2 takes place on Saturday, January 16th 2010 at 7:00PM at Arena Sports in Wildomar, CA. The main event is Ric Ellis vs. “Dangerous J” Jaysin Strife. Click below for all details. “And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.”

This is a direct quote from the second-richest man in American history, Andrew Carnegie which can be greatly open to interpretation. Competition, whether it be promotions vs. promotions, talent vs. talent, fans vs. fans, or any combination of the aforementioned (or not mentioned at all) can be-at times-the hardest thing that any individual or group will endure in this business. While the emotional, physical, and financial stress can feel like the weight of the world on one’s shoulders, the satisfaction of seeing the bloom of said labors will always “recharge the battery”. For The Westcoast Wrestling Company, this logic stands firm.
The last time The Westcoast Wrestling Company appeared at Arena Sports was on September 26, 2009. The Westcoast loyal that night witnessed the culmination of a year-long arch rivalry, a betrayal that would “spark” another, a fight like no other in the company’s history, and the crowning of a new champion. The week after, the last show of the season took place in a packed house at Camp Pendleton and would set the bar high for the beginning of 2010. Competition? It’s what this company strives for. It’s what this company promises to provide.

The Westcoast Wrestling Company’s The Gift & The Curse 2 takes place on Saturday, January 16th 2010 at 7:00PM at Arena Sports in Wildomar, CA.

Westcoast Wrestling Company Heavyweight Championship Match

Ric Ellis (Champion) vs. “Dangerous J” Jaysin Strife (Challenger)

The climb of Ric Ellis to the top of the ladder has not been without extremely hard work. Coming into this business with the weight of his peers’ pressure on his shoulders, Ric Ellis was never one to stand down when faced with a challenge. Having been pegged an underdog due to what many would call a lack of size; Ric Ellis used the adverse doubt to harbor a deep seeded anger that would ferment over time within his mind. “There was never any doubt to myself-or anyone for that matter-that I was destined for greatness. The question was whether someone of my physical stature could achieve heights greater than what most my size end up labeled as.” Ellis went on the record in a tell-all interview that will be released later in the year on many topics, but showed contempt for the notion that this subject could have ever affected the outcome of his current status within the wrestling world.

Beginning his career within the company’s ranks, Ellis engaged in a feud of sorts with another young socal standout, Ricky Mandel . It was during this time that Ellis and future inaugural champion Devin Sparks would form a partnership. Ellis saw the opportunity as a springboard. Knowing that both men were to be the future of this business, it was a decision easily made-and one that would eventually pay off. Throughout the year, Ellis was beaten in only a single match (to Chris Evans at Stronger Than All , a loss that would be avenged). Defeating the likes of Ronnie Thrash, The Young Bucks, Robert Hall, Scorpio Sky and-eventually-Chris Evans, has cemented Ellis’ current spot at the top. Upon taking notice of such a track record, it was only fitting that Ellis express his desire to defend his title against challengers from all corners of the country. On January 16th at Arena Sports, Ellis will get his wish.

Hailing from Council Bluffs, Iowa and boasting a slew of accomplishments he is Ellis’ hand-selected challenger for January 16th. “Dangerous J” Jaysin Strife’s career began in the Midwest but he has quickly turned heads in many other locations. Trained originally by Midwest veteran Hype Gotti , Strife desired to be the standout wherever he went which brought him to seminars all over the country hosted by the likes of A.J. Styles, Ian Rotten, Colt Cabana, Samoa Joe, Abyss, Raven, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, and more. With a very sizeable history of acquiring the tools necessary to get the job done, Strife has proven his passion for the game on many occasions. Most notably, he can claim to be the former NWA Midwest X-Division Champion, Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Champion, and EPIC WAR Tag Team Champion. More recently, he has been tearing the house down at EPIC WAR, extended his socal presence to Mach One Wrestling, and will stretch further down to San Diego to debut at New Wave Pro Wrestling. Strife has been itching to get his name out there, but the ultimate achievement in his new hunt for dominance is and will always be championships. His attitude concerning the issue is quite simple. “Thrilled you ask? For what? I can’t be thrilled just yet, can I? I haven’t won the title yet, have I? But you can bet your ass that after January 16th, I’m going to be taking the title with me everywhere I go and defending it all over the country. The Westcoast Wrestling Company will have to rename themselves to The Multi-Coast Wrestling Company when I get the belt off of “shortstack” Ellis. Rest-assured, you’re looking at the company’s newest accolade in the flesh.”

A champion who has proven time and time again that he is the man to beat in the company will face off against a man who has proven that he can prove to be that very man himself. But who will stand as the lone proof on January 16th? The Westcoast Heavyweight Title race re-ignites and it happens live at Arena Sports.

Tag Team Match

The Industry (“The Wildcard” Jameson Stafford & Devin Sparks) vs. The Negro Division (LTP & Willie Mack)

The month was July. The show was Conflict Resolution . The match was Devin Sparks vs. Chris Evans III for the Westcoast Heavyweight Title. That same night, Chris Evans shot on Jameson Stafford , telling him that he belonged in the main event, not playing second fiddle to Devin, which inspired Stafford to overcome the odds and give Krazy Kyle Haystacks his hardest match to date in a Street Fight. On the same token, Stafford would later charge to the ring and throw a fistful of powder in the eyes of his partner Devin, thus costing him the title. Fast-forward to Wrestle War 2009: The One Year Anniversary . Stafford, after showing his true colors and turning on Evans for the second time in the same year, faced his former friend in a ladder match for the very title that he cost Devin the month before. That night, Devin Sparks would have his revenge. Just as The Wildcard was climbing the ladder to grab the belt, Devin leapt to action. Just as Stafford’s hand grasped the title, Devin placed his hands on the ladder. Devin looked up; Stafford looked down, their eyes met, and a look of fear wiped over Stafford’s face as a narrow grin of vengeance formed on Sparks’. Stafford took a plunge that night from the top of the ladder through the table to the outside of the ring, effectively allowing Evans to climb the ladder and retain his title. At the next show, The Industry wrestled and associated separately for the first time.

A month later, after The Westcoast Wrestling Company announced their short hiatus, owner Adam Ginsberg took part in an interview conducted by Steel Cage Radio (www.steelcageradio.com) which was interrupted by none other than Devin Sparks. Sparks shot on the entire situation. He pulled no punches on his thoughts concerning Stafford and his desire to kick him out of The Industry. Adam informed Devin that he and Stafford were going to be forced to work out their differences for the better of the company whether they wanted to or not which prompted him to announce on the podcast what their role at the next show would be.

Ginsberg has been quite open about his decision to book The Industry against The Negro Division. “Do I think I did the right thing? Who knows? We have yet to see what The Industry is even capable of at this point. But I look at it two ways. On one hand, The Industry works out their differences and remains intact which is good for business. On the other hand, they don’t and get their arrogant asses handed to them by Willie and L-T. So it’s really going to work out for me in the end anyway.” Devin has also shared his point of view, claiming that when it all comes down to it, he is in this for wins and that if Stafford doesn’t pull his own weight in the match, the Negroes won’t even have to lace their boots up. Stafford could not be reached for comment. But one crucial question in this remained until recently. Where do the Negroes stand in all of this?
“Look, if those two wanna tear each other apart, let ‘em. That’s them, yo. All I know is that me an’ Willie are gonna make an example of ‘em if they show up and wanna do the thing. You heard that the company’s bringin’ in some tag belts, right? Who better than us to hold ‘em. And who better than those chumps to start us out right?” LTP has been jacked about this opportunity and promises that Willie will come full circle as the same Willie Mack as the Westcoast loyal are used to witnessing. Will The Industry pull their heads out of their asses or will The Negro Division do exactly as they say they are going to and use the as a stepping stone for 2010?

Singles Match

Krazy Kyle Haystacks vs. Rudy Luna

Since the company’s second show, Krazy Kyle Haystacks has been on a rampage. The 18-year veteran has seen and done almost everything that this business has to offer. Some of the more experienced socal fans may remember Haystacks as one half of a tag team with his former partner Little Lyle . Others may remember him as having had a hand in training such stars as Tom Howard, The Ballard Brothers, Cincinnati Red, and Liger Rivera and having competed against such stars as Terry Funk, Rob Van Dam, and Bobby Bradley in the National Wrestling Conference; Al Snow, The Gangstas, Public Enemy, and Greg Valentine in Big Time Wrestling; Negro Casas, Vampiro, Mil Mascaras, Psicosis, La Parka, Rey Misterio Sr., Misterioso, Halloween, Damien 666, and Santos in AAA; Marc Mero, Men on a Mission, King Mabel, The Bushwhackers, King Kong Bundy, and Savio Vega in WWF TV Tapings. As we seem to rattle on, we have to come to realize that Haystacks is an extremely tenured veteran of this sport, but since his debut in The Westcoast Wrestling Company, the Westcoast loyal had little-and needed little-knowledge of his exploits while quickly adopting him as one of the company’s most loved competitors. The only star on the roster to boast an undefeated record, (and the only star to boast a better record than current champion Ric Ellis ) Haystacks has torn through all opposition placed in front of him. After a disappointing career-threatening injury at the hands of Jameson Stafford , however, Haystacks decided to go on hiatus. But the spirit of competition never dies that easily…

Rudy Luna , on the other hand, has impressed the Westcoast loyal for the second half of 2009. After a seemingly endless rivalry of sorts with Thunderwolf and after barely losing a number one contendership triple threat match to Matt Twizted Luna spent the last few months ringing Adam Ginsberg’s cell phone to its last charge. While Adam was hesitant about giving in to Rudy’s demands, it was only after a reminder that Rudy has spent nearly 20 years in the business that Adam decided to give in. Rudy’s demand? To be booked in a match that would make it undoubtedly clear to anyone that if he won cleanly, that he would be the rightful “alpha male” in the locker room. While he wasn’t quite the number one contender and couldn’t be granted a shot at Ric Ellis, Rudy was told that if he could convince Krazy Kyle Haystacks to get back in the ring and compete with him that the booking was his. Five minutes later Adam’s phone rings yet again. Lo and behold a harsh voice began as soon as he picked up.
“I want back in. I want a shot at Rudy Luna. Book the match or I swear your show will get hijacked, boy.” Apparently, Rudy had done as asked… What did Rudy say to Haystacks? Better yet, in this clash between two veterans who will become the more dominant? Will Rudy take the spot in one fell swoop or will Haystacks retain his reputation as the baddest m’fer in the locker room?

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

The Suburban Commandos (T-Rent & D-Unit) vs. Violence Unlimited (Tyler Bateman & Funnybone) vs. Socal Crazy & Chimaera

For the team of Violence Unlimited , this will mark a Westcoast Wrestling Company debut. For the Suburban Commandos , this will mark the beginning of what they hope to be an undefeated streak (with a victory over The Negro Division in their debut) as they vie to ascend to the tag team titles rumored to debut in 2010. For Socal Crazy and Chimaera , this match could mean the rebirth of an era thought to be lost forever as these two teamed together in late 2008 and then disappeared, never to return as a team again. The Commandos have been on a tear lately, recently adding the feat of defeating The Young Bucks in EPIC WAR to their record. Violence Unlimited is coming into the New Year with much to prove to the Westcoast loyal. The audience has embraced the Commandos and will surely remember the immensely popular pairing of Socal and Chimaera, who were arguably the most popular stars of the company’s debut. But how exactly does VU feel about this challenge?

“Pressure? Evil thrives when presented with pressuring circumstances. We are champions elsewhere and we will be champions here when the time comes.” Tyler Bateman’s thoughts on training for this match are quite clear. “ Funnybone and I are coming to this company to destroy. We aren’t called pure f—king evil for nothing. The Westcoast loyal will soon find out what violence truly stands for.”
We wear no black resistol hats, but we damn sure retain the right to predict that this one will truly be a “slobberknocker”.

Triple Threat Match

Markus Riot vs. Locura vs. Johnny Saovi

The Card have recently been gracing every tag team highlight reel, but for anyone who has been around, Johnny Saovi began his career in this company as a singles wrestler. While some will undoubtedly underestimate him in this encounter, it will be at the expense of his opponents if this list includes them. However, without the intent of pumping Saovi as a dead-on favorite, we should look at his opposition.

Markus Riot has competed against some seriously tough opponents, most notably including his exploits in Wrestling Society X against Jack Evans . Always ready to pull a trick out of his sleeve, it seems that Riot always has something up his sleeve that he hasn’t quite shown yet. While some would say he limits his arsenal, many would argue that he is playing it smart, always creating a new challenge for his opponents.

Locura has been making waves lately in socal as a mentally unstable masked man who seems, well, difficult to predict. Known to be as happy and joyous as ever in the ring at some shows, he is just as easily remembered for completely losing his mind-usually at the expense of whoever stands in the opposite corner. All three men are adept high-flyers and methodical chain wrestlers. All three men are hungry as Markus chases that elusive victory in the company, Locura looks to make a strong “re-debut”, and Saovi seeks to start the year off right for The Card. It will most likely be a high-flying spot fest, but hey, we aren’t complaining about that! These three are expected to tear the house down, and it will all take place on January 16th!

ALSO: Matt Twizted will be on-hand to sign his number one contendership contract with Ric Ellis . This contract will be right-transferrable; meaning that should Jaysin Strife defeat Ellis, Twizted’s title shot remains set in stone for February. How will things fare during this encounter?
In addition, former champion Chris Evans will be present to give his thoughts on his current position, his thoughts on losing the title, his plans for the future, and more!

Westcoast Wrestling Company’s “The Gift & The Curse 2” takes place Saturday, January 16th, at 7:00 PM at Arena Sports in Wildomar!

Arena Sports is located at 22482 Walnut Dr, Wildomar, CA 92595. All tickets are $10. Children 5 & under get in for free. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Arena Sports (22482 Walnut Dr, Wildomar). Seating is first come, first serve. Card subject to change.

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