Help Indy Wrestler Rollin’ Hard Battle Cancer

Information on how to help the family of a member of the independent wrestling community in their struggle against cancer. Click below for more information.I know this short posting deals with events outside of Southern California (and this is well, but I thought this was worth getting the word out wherever there’s a forum dumb enough to give me main page admin powers.

Former IWA Mid-South King of the Death Match Rollin’ Hard has been fighting a painful and losing battle with cancer for the past several years. Anyone who’s followed Rollin’s health status online has no doubt heard horror stories of multiple organs being removed and him being hooked up to life support machines.

Methods to donate to Rollin’ and his family have been needlessly complex at best and extremely untrustworthy at worst. CZWFans moderator BarrMark has been kind enough to set up a PayPal account so people wishing to help a member of the indy wrestling fraternity can finally do so directly and with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just head to PayPal, and enter in the address

Now, I’ve never even seen a Rollin’ Hard match and probably wouldn’t even be able to initially identify him if I saw a picture. However, as someone who’s seen a close family member suffer and succumb to cancer, I try to take advantage of as many opportunities to help others fight the disease as I can, and I hope the SoCal scene can do at least a small part to reach out to our pals in the Midwest and assist someone who’s contributed to this wacky subculture we enjoy so much.

Once again, donations in any amount can be made to

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