SoCal Pro Wrestling October 27th!

Press Release: SoCal Pro Wrestling October 27th!

SoCal Pro Wrestling
October 27, 2007
Boys & Girls Club (Oceanside, CA)1. “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Tommy Kim vs. Hook Bomberry

·On October 27, Tommy Kim will debut for SoCal Pro and the fans in Oceanside should be ready to see Kim’s hard hitting, high impact wrestling style as he takes on Hook Bomberry. At “Saturday Night Live” this past June, Hook Bomberry wrestled and lost to Joey Harder in a solid contest between the former tag team partners of Iron Express. This month, Hook Bomberry will return to SCP with his technical wrestling and shoot-fighting style to battle a new opponent in the form of The Flyin’ Hawaiian.

·Will Tommy Kim have a victorious long-awaited return to San Diego and debut for SCP? Can the former student of Pro Wrestling Iron, Hook Bomberry, prove that his style of wrestling may be too much for Tommy Kim to handle? We will find out the answers to these questions as the two competitors face each other in Oceanside.

2. Hector “El Chido” Canales vs. “The Kid With a Touch of Evil” Conde Jr.

·A young wrestler, Hector Canales, is trying to climb up the ranks in SoCal Pro Wrestling and he has already proven himself in defeating Hopsing Lee in singles competition at “Collision Course.” Last month, Canales made a transition into a tag team wrestler by pairing with his tag team partner, Ricky Mandel, against the team of Goodtime and Jelik as well as The Ballard Brothers in an action packed three-way tag team match. Hector “El Chido” also known as The Cool One simply has all the attributes and potential to rise as a star in SCP. However, Canales must face the challenge of luchador and Tijuana’s own, Conde Jr.

·On September 15, “The Kid With a Touch of Evil” Conde Jr. was involved in a triple-threat match against Chimaera and SoCal Crazy. Unfortunately, “The Demented Clown” 99 Cents invaded SoCal Pro again at “Super Clash” and cost Conde Jr. a pinfall victory over his two opponents. Conde Jr. is also like Hector Canales since they both want to be successful and possibly become rising stars in SCP. This match will more likely be a match for honor and respect as El Chido puts his wrestling game to the test against the lucha libre style of The Kid With a Touch of Evil.

3. Bull Rope Match: SoCal Crazy [with Lady SoCal] vs. “The Dark & Mysterious” Chimaera

·The feud between the two luchadores began at SoCal Pro’s “Our Fantastic 4th Event” in July. In a fast-paced, high-flying, and a hard-fought battle, SoCal Crazy reigned supreme against his dark and mysterious opponent, known as Chimaera. Last month at “Super Clash,” the SCP fans were surprised to see SoCal Crazy get placed into a triple-threat match involving Chimaera and Conde Jr. Once again, SoCal Crazy was able to defeat his adversary, Chimaera with a crazy destroyer.

·Chimaera has been dissatisfied with his two losses against the luchador from Escondido, SoCal Crazy and the dark and mysterious individual really needs a win in the Bull Rope Match against his fan-favorite opponent. The bull rope will serve a purpose for SoCal Crazy and Chimaera since they will be attached to the opposite ends of this special match and escaping each other will unlikely occur. The only way to win a bull rope match is to incapacitate your opponent and be able to successfully touch all four corners of the wrestling ring without interruptions. Who will prevail in the Bull Rope Match?

4. “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel vs. “The Rock Superstar” KAOS

·Due to circumstances beyond SoCal Pro Wrestling’s control, KAOS was unable to wrestle SoCal Crazy at last month’s “Super Clash.” However, the SCP fans still remember KAOS’ debut in a “Rock Superstar” manner as he defeated Johnny Goodtime this past July. The Rock Superstar has determination on his mind since he wants to prove that he belongs in SoCal Pro due to his long list of achievements as a pro wrestler for over ten years and the numerous championships that he held.

·KAOS will be challenged by the young and new sensation of SoCal Pro Wresting, “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel. Despite being on a losing streak, The Mirror Image continues to gain appreciation and respect from the fans and wrestlers of SCP. Ricky Mandel has worked very hard this year and he will never back down from a wrestling match from any wrestler, especially a challenge made by KAOS. Can Ricky Mandel defeat KAOS and earn his first win in SoCal Pro? Will The Rock Superstar proceed to cause total KAOS in SoCal Pro?

5. Tag Team Attraction: Johnny Goodtime and “The Poster Child” Evan Jelik vs. Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard)

·After what had transpired in the three-way tag team match at “Super Clash,” Johnny Goodtime and his tag team partner, Evan Jelik, have demanded a match against Shane and Shannon Ballard for SoCal Pro’s October 27th show. Shane Ballard, Shannon Ballard, Johnny Goodtime, and Evan Jelik are very familiar with each other since their feud in SCP began in the month of May and continued to escalate last month.

·The charismatic and high-flying wrestlers, Goodtime and Jelik, were robbed from a victory as a tag team because one of the Ballards decided to move Evan Jelik out of the way and gain a pinfall from Ricky Mandel. In a few weeks, there will truly be retribution in Oceanside between these two teams. Shane and Shannon Ballard will continue to decimate new teams that cross their path, while Johnny Goodtime and Evan Jelik plan to establish themselves as a tag team and even up the score against the Canadian twin brothers and veteran tag team of the Ballard Brothers.

6. The Main Event Rematch: Al Katrazz vs. “Radiant” Jason Redondo [with his manager, TNT]

·In front of 200 die-hard wrestling fans, Al Katrazz and Jason Redondo’s historic feud was rekindled at “The Debut Event” on April 14, 2007, in Oceanside High School. Six months later, SoCal Pro returns to the city where Katrazz and Redondo’s feud continues to attract the fans of SCP and Oceanside. Jason Redondo has already defeated Al Katrazz in SoCal Pro on one occasion and he will continue to show the ex-convict why he is undefeated in singles competition and the uncrowned SoCal Pro Heavyweight Champion. Al Katrazz has vengeance on his mind considering that Jason Redondo, TNT, and Karl Anderson assaulted and injured him at “Saturday Night Live” in June. As a result of an injury from his three enemies, Al Katrazz was unable to wrestle on July’s “Our Fantastic 4th Event” and he had to recuperate for a few months from his injury.

·However, Al Katrazz’s time away from in-ring action brought him a huge opportunity since he returned to his hometown of Vista in September for SCP’s biggest show. The fans saw that Al Katrazz had recovered from his injury and he received a chance to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Al Katrazz may have won the match by disqualification against Adam Pearce, but he did not win the prestigious title in the end because of interference in the match.

·The Radiant One and his manager, TNT, decided to stick their noses in the business of Al Katrazz to cost him the title. Jason Redondo and TNT were both jealous with SoCal Pro’s choice for having Al Katrazz face Adam Pearce for the NWA Championship. Furthermore, Redondo and TNT were also irate about Barney The Dinosaur’s debut and interruption of their interview about being a true champion and running through the entire SCP roster one by one. Will Al Katrazz put a lights out on The Radiant One and tie up the feud 1-1? Will Jason Redondo proceed to gain another victory with the help of TNT and thus remain undefeated in SCP? Stay tuned as Al Katrazz and “Radiant” Jason Redondo collide for the second time at Oceanside’s Boys and Girls Club.


Doors open at 6:00 PM and show starts at 7:00 PM!

Oceanside Boys & Girls Club is located at:

401 Country Club Lane
Oceanside, CA 92054

Ticket prices are $15.00 (for adults) and $10.00 (for kids).

For show information or ticket information, please visit or

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