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SoCal Pro Wrestling

Presents: Saturday Night LIVE Wrestling
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club Oceanside, CA Matches:

1. Johnny Goodtime vs. Matt Twizted

·At COLLISION COURSE, Matt Twizted needed assistance from his valet, Lady Lee and an unexpected interference from “The Evil Clown” 99 Cents to defeat his foe, SoCal Crazy. This month, Matt Twizted is looking to add another victory to his list as he faces Johnny Goodtime. Johnny Goodtime made his debut on SoCal Pro’s second show with Evan Jelik in a tag team attraction against Ballard Brothers. Johnny Goodtime and his tag team partner lost the match that night, but they easily won the crowd over with their fast-paced and high-flying maneuvers. Johnny Goodtime is not going to have Evan Jelik in his corner on this third show and he should be aware that Matt Twizted could inflict physical punishment onto his opponents with or without outside assistance.

2. “The Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel vs. Chimaera

·Ricky Mandel is still trying to earn his first win in SoCal Pro. Last month, The Mirror Image pulled out all of his wrestling maneuvers and skills to hopefully defeat his opponent. However, Ricky was unable to defeat the challenge of Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson that night and thus added another lost for his wrestling career. Chimaera has challenged Ricky Mandel one-on-one at SCP’s third show. Not much is known about the mysterious high-flyer known as Chimaera since the fans in Oceanside only received a taste of what he is all about in the squared circle. Chimaera is not going to be taking on two opponents this time around and he wants to display his wrestling arsenal and lucha libre-style in his match this month.

3. Tag Team Rematch: The Young Bucks (Mr. Instant Replay and Slick Nick) vs. Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard)

·The Young Bucks have something to prove as they face Shane and Shannon Ballard for a second time on June 23. This match will be different from their previous encounter at THE DEBUT EVENT since both teams want to settle the score and to truly see which team is most dominant in Southern California. Before their match against Evan Jelik and Johnny Goodtime at COLLISION COURSE, Ballard Brothers went on a tirade about how the fans should respect and consider them as champions in tag team wrestling. Shane and Shannon also went on to say that The Young Bucks were no match for them and they plan to finish them at a later date. The date has finally arrived and differences will be settled between these two teams. The Young Bucks need to step up and construct a plan in order to make this heated rivalry 1-1.

4. SoCal Crazy [with Lady SoCal] vs. “Radiant” Jason Redondo [with his manager, TNT]

·SoCal Crazy may need to have eyes in the back of his head for this match since he will be facing Jason Redondo. We should keep in mind that Jason Redondo always brings his manager, TNT with him at ringside. TNT can never behave himself and he chooses to interfere or get involved in his client’s match in any manner. This match is scheduled to take place considering that Jason Redondo has some problems with SoCal Crazy trying to help Al Katrazz at SoCal Pro’s debut show in April. Jason Redondo remembers that SoCal Crazy as well as Paranoia and Referee, Rich Frisk all tried to break up the altercation after the main event. SoCal Crazy believes that he was in the right for trying to save Al Katrazz in a two-on-one beating from Redondo and TNT. SoCal also needs to forget about what transpired to him with 99 Cents at last month’s show. He should put all of his attention and energy into this big grudge match with The Radiant One.

5. The Main Event Match: Al Katrazz vs. Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson

·Last month, Al Katrazz and his tag team partner, Babi Slymm had a successful victory against Jason Redondo and Joe Kimball. On June 23rd, Al Katrazz returns to singles action and he is now looking for another opponent in order to begin a new feud. On the other hand, one wrestler is counting down the days when he gets to face Al Katrazz one-on-one in the squared circle. This man is none other than Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and everyone needs to take cover whenever he enters the wrestling ring. The Machine Gun plans to decimate any opposition that gets in his way. Al Katrazz is caught in crossfire with Karl Anderson considering that they both want an opportunity to rise above other pro wrestlers and climb up the ranks in SCP. Will Karl Anderson cause Al Katrazz to become a casualty or Can Al Katrazz defy all the odds against him and make The Machine Gun just another victim? These questions are going to be answered on Saturday, June 23 in Oceanside.

*Plus one more match to be announced very soon!
Doors open at 6:00 PM, and the show will begin at 7 PM SHARP!!!

Oceanside Boys & Girls Club is located at:

401 Country Club Lane
Oceanside, CA 92054

Ticket prices are $15.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids.

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