Battle Ground Pro Returns Sat 4/21/07 for “Big Trouble in Little Newhall”

In light of today’s news, I was hesitant to post this just yet. However, if I do not do it today my next chance wouldn’t be until Monday. So, here it is.

JB (Jason Bennett)

Official Preview for Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Saturday April 21, 2007 at the American Legion Hall in Newhall, CA.

After a six week layoff, Battle Ground Pro Wrestling returns with a bang for “Big Trouble in Little Newhall” on Saturday April 21st. Here is what the card is looking like, and it’s going to be greatBattle Ground Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: 300% Brawlers (“Brawlin” Bo Cooper & “Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro) (C) vs. The Dogs of War (Extreme Loco & Crayz) w/Commissioner Jason Bennett.
Last month, Commissioner Jason Bennett was horrified to find himself on the receiving end of a punch from Bo Cooper and then mortified to find his champions upset by the recently formed team of former BiG Pro Heavyweight Champion Bo Cooper and his partner Brandon Nitro. The two popular locals did exactly what they set out to do, take the straps and spoil the Commissioner’s evening. Now, the Commissioner has set up this rematch to exact revenge on Cooper and Nitro and reclaim the straps he feels rightfully belong on the Dogs of War. These four ring warriors clash once again with the championship belts on the line!

The Santino Bros. (Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion “The Rock Superstar” Kaos & Mongol) w/Jezabel vs. The Stepfamily (The Stepfather & The Red Headed Stepchild) w/”Drunk” Uncle Ronnie.
Last month, The Stepfather came within inches of unseating Kaos as Heavyweight Champion, that was until Kaos’ long time tag partner Mongol made his presence felt in BiG Pro once again. This time, he not only saved the champion from seemingly certain defeated, he and Kaos also dished out quite a beat down on the popular Stepfamily. This month, the Stepfamily looks for revenge as they step into the ring with two of the toughest villains this side of the Mississippi. Could a victory put Stepfather back in line for another shot at Kaos’ title?

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling MAX Title Match: “Marvelous” Markus Riot (C) vs. Infernal.
If there is a hotter, faster rising star in Battle Ground Pro Wrestling than Markus Riot then we don’t know what that is! Markus has thrilled the BiG Pro audiences since winning the MAX title in December of last year and has racked up a tremendous string of victories. His challenger Infernal was the last man to hold the belt currently called the MAX title under it’s former moniker of the Lucha Libre title. Infernal knows how it feels to hold the gold and will no doubt stop at nothing to regain that feeling. These two know each other well and this one could be a classic!

“The Wholesome Hero” JT Hyatt vs. “The Role Model” Preston Scott w/Ray “Boom-Boom” Murillo.
This is a feud that certainly got taken to a new level last month! After sneaking and cheating his way to victory over JT’s pal Foob Dogg, “The Role Model” and his cohort “Boom-Boom” felt a mere victory wasn’t going to cut the mustard. After incapacitating the popular Foob Dogg via handcuffing him to the ring ropes, JT Hyatt was beaten and humiliated. The humiliation culminated in Preston Scott spray-painting a yellow stripe down “The Wholesome Hero’s” back. Hyatt is fuming for revenge, and once again will have that chance as he takes on Preston Scott one on one!

Li’l Cholo vs. The Human Tornado-#1 Contenders Match to the Battle Ground Pro Wrestling MAX Title.
What can really be said about these two amazing competitors? Li’l Cholo is a multi time champion (including the first BiG Pro Lucha Libre Champion) and one of the most popular stars of Battle Ground Pro. The Human Tornado is a former PWG World Heavyweight Champion, former AWS Heavyweight Champion, and world famous for being the only black actor in “Nacho Libre”! He demonstrates a cocky and brash attitude in Newhall not seen elsewhere that has made him one of the most hated men in BiG Pro. The winner of this match will receive a shot at the Battle Ground MAX Title on May 12th.

The Young Bucks (Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay) vs. Devilishly Sexy (“Sexy” Sonny Samson & Diablo).
The Bucks are riding high after finally dispatching their longtime foes Midnight Dynamite in a “loser leaves town” match last month. Devilishly Sexy came up short against the Ballard Brothers last month, but Samson was out with an injury and was represented by a last minute, albeit just as…flamboyant replacement. DS return to full strength this month, but will it be enough to slow the momentum of the Bucks? Surely, the winner of this match positions themselves for a shot at tag team gold as well…

Foob Dogg vs. Disco Machine.
Two polar opposites if ever there were any! Disco is as hated as Foob is loved. Disco is smaller, faster, and more agile. Foob is larger, stronger, and more powerful. Both wrestlers have tasted their fair share of both victory and defeat in Battle Ground Pro and both are looking to this match to help launch them back into the hunt for championship gold!

Chimaera vs. “The Silent Assassin” Joey Harder w/Commissioner Jason Bennett.
Rescheduled from two months ago when Chimaera retreated to the mysterious “parts unknown” as was unable to meet his obligations in Battle Ground Pro. The STILL undefeated Joey Harder is being well managed by the Commissioner who has vowed that neither Bo Cooper nor Brandon Nitro will get their hands on the jewel of his stable. The young rookie Chimaera will certainly have his hands full when he steps between the ropes to meet the most vicious, ruthless, competitor in Battle Ground Pro. Chimaera will also need eyes in the back of his head, as where Joey Harder and the Commissioner go, the Dogs of War are usually not far behind…

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling goes down at the American Legion Hall located at 24257 Spruce St. Newhall, CA. Doors open at 7:30, and the show starts at 8pm. Card is subject to change.

SPECIAL ANNOUCEMENT ABOUT THE APRIL 21ST SHOW!! All kids 12 and under will get into this show for FREE!!! That’s right, all kids 12 and under get in absolutely, positively 100% free of charge. Adult tickets are still $10. Kids between 13 and 17 can still get in at the kids rate of $5 per ticket. We will also be doing free autographs and photos will your favorite BiG Pro wrestlers during intermission, so bring those kiddies!!

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Hope to see everyone on the 21st! Next show after that is May 12th.

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