EWF – Zero Tolerance 07 Preview

Welcome EWF fans to the 3rd EWF show of the New Year. With the shocking results of our last EWF event, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, many wrestlers may be feeling jealous or vengeful or even non tolerable. So be sure to come out this Friday and check out all new, all ready, and all out EWF action, plus the return of Commissioner Mando Guerrero, as the Empire Wrestling Federation presents Zero Tolerance ’07.“Iceman” Webster Dauphiney vs. Liger Rivera
Liger Rivera is one of the most extreme wrestlers in the EWF locker room, and whether he is against a wrestler of similar stature or one of the biggest men in the locker room, Rivera won’t back down. However Rivera has yet to face a fighter like the “Iceman” Webster Dauphiney, a man who is known for his quick feet, martial arts skills and strength. So what will be the outcome when these two fearless men enter the ring? Find out this Friday.

Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson vs. SoCal Crazy
The “Machine Gun” has been quite an impressive athlete ever since debuting for the EWF, although the fans don’t seem to be so fond of his antics. This Friday, the charismatic Karl Anderson will be facing a newcomer to the EWF, SoCal Crazy. Who is this SoCal Crazy, and why has he come to the EWF? Will he be in the same league as Karl Anderson or will his debut prove to be nothing more than a flash in the pan? All this to be answered this Friday.

TNT vs. Midnight Dynamite

As of late, these two teams have been impressing not only the fans but other authorities as well such as EWF owner Jesse Hernandez and EWF commissioner Mando Guerrero. Since both these teams have been so successful as of late, it would only make sense to put both teams in a rematch from the last show. Surely, a win for either team in this bout will play a strong factor in gaining an EWF Tag Team title shot.

EWF Cruiserweight Championship – Ryan Taylor (c) vs. “Sexy” Sonny Samson

Last time, at EWF Series Finale, Sonny Samson had finally received a match against Ryan Taylor, although it wasn’t for his Cruiserweight Title. It was still a huge deal for Samson seeing as he had been on a quest to win the EWF Cruiserweight Championship for several months prior to this match. However Ryan Taylor had seemed to be very care free about this match and was acting a little cockier than usual. This would prove to be a flaw in Ryan Taylor who would ultimately lose this match-up to Sonny Samson, due to his care free attitude. After the match, Johnny Starr had demanded that Samson receive a title shot despite his weight difference, and Taylor declined his offer until he decided that if he gave Samson a title shot then Samson must put his contract with Starr, Inc. on the line. After Samson agreed, and Johnny Starr shook the hand of Ryan Taylor to make it official, Sonny Samson then hit Ryan Taylor with his own Championship, and Samson kept the Cruiserweight title as he left the arena. Will Ryan Taylor realize the error of his ways and take Sonny Samson seriously the second time around and get back the championship that was stolen from him? Will Sonny Samson win the EWF Cruiserweight Title or will he be forced to leave Star Inc. forever? Find out the end of this climatic story this Friday.

EWF American Championship – Dan Kobrick (c) vs. TJ Perkins

Now that the Inland Title Series has come to an end, one must ask the question, what next? Well as for TJ Perkins, a man who nearly won the Inland Title Series, what’s next is living up to the name that he has made for himself in the EWF throughout the Inland Title Series. Perkins went to the final round of the tournament and he proved that he is one of the best wrestlers in the EWF, despite his loss. Dan Kobrick has been one of the most dominant American Champions that the EWF has ever seen. Time after time, match after match, Dan Kobrick has reigned supreme and has yet to suffer a defeat in an EWF American Championship match. When a wrestler the likes of TJ Perkins goes against the brutal Dan Kobrick, only one thing is for certain, and that is that a victory in this match will not be an easy task for either man.

EWF Tag Team Championship – Iron Express (c) vs. The Young Bucks

At EWF Series Finale, Joey Harder showed the world that he is one of the best that the EWF has to offer. He did so by defeating TJ Perkins to win the Inland Title Series Round Robin Tournament and also defeating the former EWF Champion Bino Gambino in the same night. Joey is the newly crowned EWF Champion and is proud to show his accomplishments, however his tag team partner, Hook Bomberry, didn’t seem to share the same proudness for Joey Harder’s win. In fact, Bomberry and Harder haven’t exactly been on the same page ever since Harder beat Bomberry in the third round of the Inland Title Series. Though this Friday the Iron Express is set to put their Tag Team titles on the line against the Young Bucks, a very flashy tag team known for their high flying. Just how will Hook Bomberry act towards his very successful Tag Team partner, will he be able to put his jealousy aside so that the Iron Express can reign supreme, or will the Young Bucks pull out an upset victory over the champions and make their mark here in the EWF? Find out this Friday the 26th, when the EWF presents “Zero Tolerance”.

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