EWF/NWA Pro: Holiday Fear Preview 12/15/06

EWF/NWA Pro This Friday night in Covina, CA
Belltime: 8:00 PM

What a year 2006 has been for the Empire Wrestling Federation. This year has been one of the most improved and uprising years that the EWF has ever seen. All good things must come to an end, however, as the EWF prepares for the Holiday Season and wringing in the new year of 2007. The EWF will have their last show of 2006, this Friday the 15th, at the Knights of Columbus Hall in West Covina, CA. the EWF presents “Holiday Fear”.Cruiserweight Warm-Up Match – “Sexy” Sonny Samson has been on a crusade as of late, trying to make weight to challenge Ryan Taylor for the EWF Cruiserweight Championship. He has also been challenging fellow cruiserweights of the EWF in hopes to prove he is worthy of the number 1 contender spot, presuming he makes weight. He has been wrestling in a weight-loss body suit in order to drop weight from his current 250 lbs status. He has also been making threats to Ryan Taylor, and studying his matches from the commentary booth, along side Mike Aguirre and Larry Pena. However, Ryan Taylor, when asked about Samson’s quest, just shrugged it off and wasn’t bothered by his actions. So for Samson’s next challenge he will be given a mystery opponent from the Cruiserweight division to prep him for his future challenge to Ryan Taylor. Who is this mystery opponent that will face Sonny Samson? Find out this Friday!

Los Chivos vs. La Ola Del Mal – If there ever was a team to be considered a force to be reckoned with, it would have to be…Los Chivos. Never before in the EWF has any tag team lasted so long and been so accomplished. Despite their age, the Chivos are one of the greatest tag teams to ever enter an EWF ring but what will they do this Friday when they are forced to wrestle against the giants of the EWF, Black Metal and Extreme Loco? Find out what will happen when the true luchadors of the EWF face off against their nemesis, the overpowering and monstrous La Ola Del Mal.

Country Bear vs. “Sadistic” Ron Kilbourn – When you think of large men or super heavyweights, you think of guys like Ron Kilbourn. However his size has come to an advantage on more than one occasion and is a very strong factor in his strategy. Kilbourn’s strategy is based upon smaller men. Country is roughly the same size,which is not exactly what Kilbourn is used to. Kilbourn will be forced to face Country Bear, the EWF’s giant sized country boy. Country’s strategy has always been to pull his energy from the help of the crowd, as he is a fan favorite. Will these two gargantuans prove who the better man is? Find out the answer to this exciting, action packed match, this Friday.

Non-Title Cruiserweight Match – Ryan Taylor vs. “Handsome” Johnny Starr – Last time, at EWF: Premium, we saw a bit of a confrontation between these two men. Surprisingly, Starr sent Starr Inc. away from ringside and wanted to face Taylor alone. This threw Taylor off and made him very leary of his intents. Does Starr plan to face Taylor one on one in a fair match up, or will he keep Starr Inc by his side this time around to help to play in his favor. Either way, stepping up to the EWF Cruiserweight Champion may prove to be a bit of a quest for Starr. So on this, the last event of the year for the EWF, these two men will stand in the ring and wrestle to prove to the fans, to each other, and to themselves, who exactly is the better man.

EWF American Championship – Dan Kobrick (C) vs. “Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro – Nitro has been one of the eyesores of the EWF, and is hard to miss. For that reason, he has been granted another chance to win the EWF American Championship. Dan Kobrick is one of the most ruthless and cutthroat wrestlers the EWF has ever seen, and it is for this reason that he has held the EWF American Championship for so long. When you mix the explosiveness of Brandon Nitro with the intensity of Dan Kobrick, what do you get? Find out Friday.

Inland Title Series Round 3 – The Inland Title Series has proven to truly be a clash of the best in the EWF, starting off with the Inland Title Series battle royal, in which Dan Kobrick won and was given an instant EWF Heavyweight title shot. Then the last 4 wrestlers to get eliminated were entered into the Inland Title Series round robin tournament. Those wrestlers were Hook Bomberry, TJ Perkins, Joey Harder, and Jason King. Now this is the third and final round of the round robin tournament. Coming into Holiday Fear, TJ Perkins, who has 1 win and 1 draw with 0 losses, will face Jason King, who has 0 wins and 2 losses. With the better record, TJ Perkins is looking like a good pick in this match and if he wins, then the tournament could be all his. In the second match of the 3rd round, it will be none other than the EWF Tag Team Champions Joey Harder and Hook Bomberry. If either of these men wins, they will either win the tournament or tie with TJ Perkins. Joey Harder and Hook Bomberry both trained at the Pro Wrestling Iron Tetsu Academy and have been a very well accomplished tag team, including beating EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor and NWA British Commonwealth champion Paul Tracy. What will Joey and Hook do when they are forced to wrestle each other? Will Jason King pull out his first victory of the tournament or will Johnny Paradise make another appearance to hinder King? Will TJ Perkins out wrestle Jason King to victory? Don’t miss the third round of the Inland Title Series.

EWF Heavyweight Championship – Bino Gambino (C) vs. “Combat Vet” Johnny Dynamite – As one of the brave men and women who served our country in one of its darkest hours, Johnny Dynamite is by far one the bravest men in the EWF locker room. He and his partner, Brandon Nitro, are easily the #1 contenders to the EWF Tag Team Championship but with both members of The Iron Express involved in the Inland Title Series, their title shots are put on hiatus. In the meantime, the EWF Commisioner Mando Guerrero, in an attempt to appease both members of TNT, has given them both singles title shots. Dynamite has made it clear that he intends to bring it all to the table and hopes Bino does the same. No matter who wins this epic battle, the winners will be the fans in attendance.

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