[PWG Show Update] Happy Holidays & See You In January!

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As some fans may have already guessed, the PWG event originally scheduled for December 16 has now been canceled. After running into some problems with our venue, the only solution would be to push the date of the show back one or two weeks, putting the event two days prior to Christmas (and on the last night of Chanukah, according to the surprisingly Jewish Dino Winwood) and the day prior to New Year’s Eve, respectively. Because of the close proximity to the holidays, many wrestlers scheduled for December 16 would be unavailable on those dates, and we also realize many of our fans would be using that time to travel or be with their families. So rather than putting on a smaller show to end the year, we will be holding our winter spectacle in January to kick off 2007, which will undoubtedly be PWG’s biggest year yet. We are as disappointed by this news as we can imagine you, our fans, are, but rest assured knowing PWG will return better than ever in the new year. Keep an eye on www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com for information about our next event.

Also, as a way of easing the sting of no more PWG events in 2006, we’re happy to announce that our latest batch of DVDs will be sent off for replication shortly, and should be arriving in January, in time for the next PWG live event. These DVDs include Self-Titled, Horror Business, All Star Weekend IV Nights 1 & 2, and Passive Hostility. All five events will be up for pre-order on the merch page soon.

Thank you for making 2006 a great year for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and we look forward to your support in 2007. Happy Holidays,


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