Revolution X returns July 21st

On July 21st 2004, Rev X comes back to the Allen
Theater for another night of wrestling that is suppose
to be changed courtesy of Jason McCord, who is said to
bring an new era to Rev X wrestling. McCord, with the
power invested in him by Veronica Caine, will clean
out the “garbage” and bring back some prestige into
the “WRESTLING” part of the show with this line up.Main Event
Xtremecore Tag Team Match
Buddy George & Lonestar
Cyanide & El Mongol

Lone Star will team up for the first time with Buddy
George to face the team of the hometown hero Cyanide
and his once fierce rival, El Mongol. After Buddy
George eliminated Cyanide from the battle zone battle
royal, we saw a display of mutual respect between
these two hardcore warriors and now we are going to
see if Cyanide and his new partner El Mongol can take
out the team that has two of the most dominant
wrestlers in the Xtremecore division. Last time
Cyanide fought with Buddy George, he teamed up with
Carnage in a bloody battle that tore the Allen Theater
apart. This match should be just as violent and bloddy
as that match.

Revolution Pro Jr Heavyweight Title Match
Scorpio Sky (c)

After the AXP and The Human Tornado suffered another
lost to Dino Winwood’s “BOY BAND”, Scorpio Sky has
demanded a title match with Ronin since it was Ronin
who used Sky’s title belt to get the cheap win. Sky
has been a fighting champion since he won the belt
back in March and continues to do so on July 21st.
This would mark the first ever singles match with
these two in a Rev X ring and should be an interesting
match with Sky’s high flying/grappling style vs.
Ronin’s super stiff strong style, plus Ronin has an
extra ace in the hole with his manager Dino Winwood.
Could we see the crowning of a new champion?

Johnny Paradise & Phoenix Star
Quick Silver & The Human Tornado

The remaining members of these two groups will be
competing in a good old fashion tag team grudge match
to try and reign supreme over the other team. Tornado
and Quick are no strangers to each other as they have
teamed up before back in January of this year when
they teamed up with NOSAWA to face the ATA. Of course
Dino Winwood is always planning and conducting his
band for new moves, game plans and ways to win.

Los Sanchos (AWC, Angel, Topgun Talwar)
Big E. Biggz, Charles Mercury, R2K

Once again Los Sanchos will face off with these
youngsters who have been on a hot streak ever since
the Cinco De Mayo Rev X. Despite what happened at the
last show, Biggz, R2K and Mercury sought revenge over
Los Sanchos for beating them with the Tag Team titles
on the line. Mercury, Biggz, and R2K busted open
AWC causing gallons of blood to gush out of his head
like water through a spicket. AWC would vow for
revenge after that night and he will get his chance
along with his fellow Sancho members.

The New York Knock Outs (Nikki & Valentina)
Morgan & Fire

The NY KO’s are returning to tag team action to face a
new Rev X women’s wrestler Morgan with her tag team
partner Fire. The New York Knockouts have been the
most dominant group of females in Rev X, now the
newest chick on the block, Morgan, will be teaming
with the returning Fire to give the KO’s a run for
their money.

King Fuji & BJ Samson
Sexy Chino, Steve Pain

Plus bands, Jason McCord, and who knows what else can
happen at these shows.


3809 Tweedy Blvd
South Gate, CA 90280


Check the Allen Theatre for more details


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