Lucha Va Voom – 24 June 04 – Quick Results

At June 24th’s Lucha Va Voom show in Los Angeles, Super Porky, Tinieblas Jr., and Chilango defeated Los Villanos IV, V and Kid Durango in the main event. For complete results click below.Alucinante and Impacto over Shamu Jr. and Acero Dorado with a surprise
run-in from Los Sanchos who attacked them with their Rev Pro belts only
to then be defeated by Los Gallineros

Las Poubelles over ???

Rosa Salvaje and Mariachi vs. Los Chivos in a double DQ

Mascarita Sagrada and Tsuky over Espectrito and Sicadelito

Super Porky W/ Que Monito, Tinieblas Jr. and Chilango over Los
Villanos IV & V and Kid Durango

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