PWG Presents ”The Reason For The Season!” on July 10, 2004!

By Silverback, PWG Staff Writer
Dogtown, CA – It doesn”t seem like it, but it was nearly a year ago that six wise men came down from the top of Mount Olympus in order to grant mere mortals like ourselves a cure to the malaise which has plagued our every day lives. When they found they were unable to do anything about the state of humanity, they returned to the mountain, forsaking humanity to the path it seemed destined to take. It was then that six other men picked up the god”s fallen torch, and in their own image, created Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (, which cured all of society”s problems and found a home for every orphan in the state of Vermont.At least one of the statements in the previous paragraph may not be true, but what is true is that PWG is pulling out all the stops for it’s first anniversary, “The Reason For The Season!” on July 10, 2004! PWG”s “The Reason For The Season!” will feature:

. Disco Machine, Chris Bosh, Charles Mercury, & Top Gun Talwar vs. Aerial Express (Quicksilver & Scorpio Sky) & ???
There was a period in PWG when the AXP was “tight,” to use the parlence of our times, with Chris Bosh, Charles Mercury, and Top Gun Talwar. The five men had a falling out, and the AXP struck out on their own to make a name for themselves, while Bosh, Mercury, and Talwar sought new leadership. The three men put their heads together and came up with the ideal leader, a man who could train them in the way of the Jedi. Unfortunately, Sir Alec Guinness died in August of 2000, taking with him the teachings of the Jedi, leaving the trio tumbling in the wind like the leaves of autumn. However, like the rake and trash bin, Disco Machine took the three youngsters under his wing, and showed them the proper way to live, wrestle, and most importantly, dance. At “Rocktoberfest!!” Disco’s crew challenged the AXP to an 8 men battle, and the AXP accepted. With their recent transgressions in PWG, can the AXP find 2 willing partners to take on Disco, Bosh, Mercury, and Talwar?

. Joey Ryan vs. Scott Lost
Turmoil has been brewing within the X-Foundation for some time now, and it came to a head at “Rocktoberfest!!” when Scott Lost finally turned his back on Joey Ryan, leaving Joey to defend himself against S.B.S.! Despite being battered and bruised, Joey Ryan walked away with the PWG Tag Titles, and offered the olive branch of peace, in the form of 10 pounds of leather and silver, to Scott Lost. Scott seemingly rejected the title, throwing it back in Joey’s face in the form of a closed fist! PWG Commissioner Paul T., who happens to hate metaphors, allowed the X-Foundation to forego their Tag Team Title defense in July and settle their differences one on one!

. CM Punk vs. Super Dragon
Like two red snappers in the burgeoning pond known as independent wrestling, CM Punk and Super Dragon have followed very different paths to get to where they are at this point. However, both of their paths have lead them to PWG, and both men have achieved certain levels of success within the confines of the promotion. Now, the two men are determined to move up the ranks of the PWG ladder, and see each other as obstacles to their progress. The first time these two men met in the ring was at “Pimpin” In High Places,” with Super Dragon coming away with the victory. Now, after what seems like an eternity, the two meet again, this time in singles competition, in order to prove which fish rules the pond!

. Christopher Daniels & American Dragon vs. Ricky Reyes & Samoa Joe
At PWG”s “The Musical,” Samoa Joe and American Dragon battled to a 30 minute time limit draw, receiving the respect and adulation of the fans. One man who was unhappy with the outcome was that dastardly and sly Cuban, Ricky Reyes. Reyes, along with Samoa Joe, proceeded to beat American Dragon within quite a few feet, possibly even inches of his life. American Dragon, feeling hurt and unwanted, turned his attention to Japan, where revenge is spelled with an “f” and “h,” and is best served cold, often with wasabi and ginger. A man who enjoys the cuisine of Japan as much as American Dragon is “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. More importantly, Daniels is a friend, and if American Dragon expects to overcome the monster army of Reyes & Samoa Joe, he”ll need all the friends he can get.

. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Rocky Romero
Much like Ferdinand Magellan, Rocky Romero has been circumnavigating the globe, facing the best the world has to offer, primarily as a singles wrestler, in order to prove himself as a wrestler. In his absence, long time partner Ricky Reyes has formed an alliance with Samoa Joe & Puma, and while their goals are unclear, they will crush anyone standing in their way. While Romero agrees with their ends, it is unclear whether he agrees with their means, or if he opts to follow the “King”s Road” instead. Romero’s opponent, also long absent from PWG, is a man that requires no introduction or hype, AJ Styles. Styles has never before faced a competitor who has learned so much in such a short period of time, and this could be the biggest test of his career.

. PWG Championship Steel Cage Match – Loser Leaves PWG
“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (c) vs. “The Future” Frankie Kazarian
Over the course of the last 8 months, Frankie Kazarian and Adam Pearce have faced each other on numerous occasions, battling back and forth all in the name of the PWG Championship. Anyone who has attempted to get in between these two men can tell you first hand how intense the hatred and rivalry really is. Just ask C. Edward Vanderpyle, who much like Elmer Fudd, had his head knocked down his neck hole, and now must wear shirts with the 3rd button open in order to see anything. However, this match is bigger than the PWG Championship, and after Pearce”s fireball at “Rocktoberfest!!”, is intensely personal. The stipulation of this match is that whichever man submits or has his shoulders pinned to the mat must leave PWG for good, never to return. In order to insure that the best man will really walk away from this match, both men will fight inside a 7,000 foot high steel cage, wrestling”s most dangerous match, where no one can interfere, and only one man will walk away with th!
e championship, and a spot on the next show.

Plus Babi Slymm, Brad Bradley, Colt Cabana, Excalibur, M-Dogg 20, Puma & more are scheduled to appear!

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “The Reason For The Season!” takes place Saturday, July 10, 2004 at the Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC, at 8:00PM. The Hollywood-Los Feliz JCC is located at 1110 Bates Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029. Tickets are only $15 each, and will be available at the door. For more information, please visit or email

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