Peace Will Prevail & C-4 2003 Available At Rev X

Available this Sunday both at the Revolution X show in
South Gate and online at, two new
releases from Rudos Media. The first release is long
over due as Peace Will Prevail will finally be
available to purchase. This card was very well
received as it features the match that was voted Socal
Uncensored’s Match of The Month for April, Super
Dragon and TARO versus Scorpio Sky and Quick Silver.
This video is 10 dollars to purchase at the show and
$13.95 to order online. The matches on the video are:
Fight For The Revolution II Stage 1
Hydro/Phoenix Star/Xtreme Loco vs. Big E. Biggz/El
Gallinero IV/Jethro

Joey Ryan vs. Sara Del Ray

Fight For The Revolution II Stage 1
Chris Bosh/Zokre/Johnny Paradise vs.
VEGA/Nemesis/Espada De La Muerte

8 Man Spoilers Battle Royal

Babi Slymm vs. Kenny King from Tough Enough

Mexican Lucha Libre Heavyweight Title Match
King Faviano vs. Lonestar

El Caliente (Angel & Mr. Excitement) vs. Hook Bomberry
& Apollo Kahn

Super Dragon & TARO vs. Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver

Also available starting this Sunday at both Revolution
X show and on, the C-4 2003
Halloween show. This show features all your favorite
C-4 gladiators of the universe which is sure to
entertain you for centuries and centuries. This video
is 10 dollars to purchase at the show and $13.95 to
order online. The matches on the video are:

Mr. Kool Aid vs. El Negro

Taliban Talwar vs. Xtreme Loco

Coco The Mime vs. Justin Timbersnake vs. A.T.M.

The Barbershop Duet vs. Latino Loco Loco & Bombo Dos

Mr. Mom vs. Danny Dreamer

David Wafflehouse vs. Clark Chunt

Topgun Talwar vs. Jason

C-4 Battle Royal

This show also features such favorites as King Baby
Popo, Leatherface, and The Blind Ref.

For this show only, you can get C-4 2002, C-4 2003,
and any FMLL/WCA video tape all for 25 bucks.

And a reminder, Revolution X takes place on November
23rd at 6 pm at the Allen Theater in South Gate. The
address is 3809 Tweedy Blvd. The card is:

The Aerial Express vs. Disco Machine & Chris Bosh

Rising Son vs. Phoenix Star

The X-Foundation vs. Angel/Zokre/American Wild Child

Hardcore Rulez
Supreme & Lonestar vs. Buddy George & Jethro

Nikki vs. Carnidge

Babi Slymm/Big E. Biggz/VEGA vs. Lee Steel/Johnny
Paradise/El Mongol

El Gallinero IV vs. Hydro

And The Fight For The Crown

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